Physical Copies Of Pillar’s One Love Revolution Album Release Exclusively At LifeWay Stores Today

The storm has (partially) arrived…

Back in October 2012, the highly popular Christian rock stalwarts Pillar announced that not only were they making their return but that they would be returning with the line-up almost all Pillar fans would agree was their best. The news that Rob Beckley, Michael “Kalel” Wittig, Noah Henson and Lester Estelle Jr. II were back together again sent many a Pillar fan into a frenzied excitement and they were left waiting anxiously for the promised “storm” to arrive. Since their announcement, they have been working hard on their new album, which was funded by a highly successful Kickstarter campaign last year, and taking their time to make it the best it possibly can be, releasing snippets here and there. Now, almost three years after their reformation, and a year after the original planned release date, the storm has partially arrived…

Pillar’s highly anticipated return album One Love Revolution was released only at LifeWay stores nationwide and today. All physical purchases through LifeWay feature the bonus song “Fall The Foe.” Due to international shipping rates being very high through LifeWay, Pillar are going to be having the album up at exclusively for international fans in the near future so be sure to “Get Plugged In!” to Pillar’s social networks to be kept in the loop on further updates on that.

The digital release of One Love Revolution drops this Friday and all digital copies will feature the bonus song “A Season.” All digital pre-orders of One Love Revolution come with an instant download of “We Ride” and “Nails.”

The lyric video for “Nails,” alongside the album’s teaser video, can be found below.


Buy One Love Revolution at LifeWay here now.

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Our review is coming in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that.

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