An Interview with River Valley Worship about Million Lifetimes

An Interview with River Valley Worship about Million Lifetimes

Ryan Williams from River Valley Worship took the time back in february to answer questions about their then upcoming album Million Lifetimes. Our apologies to the band on not uploading it back in march when the answers turned up late (due to the pr firm not the band) and in our junk folder (only just been found!).

  1. Tell us about where River Valley Worship church is based and how it came into being.

River Valley is a multi site church with nine campuses around the twin cities as well as one international location in Swaziland Africa. Over 20 years ago our lead pastor Rob Ketterling wanted to plant a church that was for the young and young at heart, thus River Valley was born.

  1. What made you want to release music into the world as a church?

About 11 years ago a lot was stirring around River Valley…. staff were changing, the vision was shifting and our lead pastor came to me and simply said “there is a worship anointing on our house (the church) and we need to start making albums.” And really that has been the foundation of anything that we have achieved for the kingdom… the vision for this started in the heart of our pastor.

  1. Your new album releasing March 2nd is called Million Lifetimes, what was the inspiration behind that title?

A lifetime is a marker that means a great deal to us as human beings. The weight, the significance and the power held in one lifespan no matter how long is unmistakable and undeniable. That’s why the death of any human being can be such a blow to our soul and psyche. Think of every moment, every breath, every word, every day, every second contained in a lifetime. It’s hard to fathom that there is anything more complex, more extensive, more beautiful, or more heart wrenching than one single life played out on this Planet. But those of us who have chosen to follow Christ, we must look through different eyes. Psalms 36 says, “Lord remind me how brief my time on earth will be, Remind me that my days are numbered, how fleeting my life is. You have made my life no longer than the width of my entire lifetime is just a moment to you. At best, each of us are but a breath.” We realize that there is a God who exists outside of and stands High above our feeble understanding of life and time. HE is ALL, the creator… He is the start, HE is actually the “before the start.” HE is a masterpiece …marvelous, magnificent, an awe-inspiring Jesus. And though it would seem logical that because He is so great and so grand and so “not us” that he would be a God who lives and dwells far far away from us…. but the true revelation is that he is a benevolent and kind hearted savior who is, as Acts 17 states, “Closer than our very breath.” So we live with abandon for JESUS and we gather to give him a million lifetimes full of worship. It still won’t be enough but we will spend our lives, taking every breath, and exhausting every molecule of who we are to respond to the greatness and Glory of our precious savior Jesus.

  1. In a Christian world that’s dominated with worship music, how would you say Million Lifetimes stands out from the many?

The album stands out because it is so directly tied to the values of our church. Some of the values include the presence of God, authenticity, inspiration…. and this album is rooted in those principles. We write songs with the people of River Valley as a focus and then we watch God take the songs to the rest of the world.

  1. You’ve partnered with BEC’s new worship imprint to release your music, how did that partnership come about?

Ministry is all about relationship … and the ladies and gentlemen who make up BEC Worship are some of the most authentic, Christ like people I have met. So it’s such a joy to work with people who love God and have a fire and joy to build His church.

  1. As you touch upon in “World Needs Jesus”, this world desperately needs Jesus. If you had just one or two sentences to say to someone who needed Jesus, what would they be?

Open up your heart to him for one week, let your guard down and allow yourself to have faith for a few moments and watch what God does.

  1. How can the global church be better at reaching the lost?

I think all of us myself included could do a better job of shifting our mindset a little bit when it comes to the lost people around us. Instead of reaching out to lost people with a quick intent to move them to a decision or conversion moment… maybe we can reach out and think more about loving, helping and serving them first and not worry so much about the salvation decision because we know that will come in Gods timing.

  1. How can our readers be praying for you all over the coming months/year?

Wow that question means a lot. Just join us in the simple prayer that I’ve been praying over the team. I wake up every day and pray, “God, let your will be done and give us favor with men to see your kingdom built.”

  1. And the most important question, does pineapple belong on a pizza?

Pineapple belongs on pizza and I will have a dance off with anyone thinks differently.

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