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Before you submit anything, please read all the relevant instructions below in regards to what you want to submit and what to include. If you don’t follow the instructions, we’ll just ignore your submission and move on to the next one. We sadly don’t have time to respond to submissions we won’t be covering on the site.

The submission email address is submit[at]jesuswired[dot]com. Please do not add us to your email lists.

If there aren’t specific instructions for your submission request below, please email us with an appropriate subject and outline your request clearly.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

Video Gallery

Get your video added to our Video Gallery by filling in this quick form

New Release List

Get your new release added to our New Release List by filling in this quick form

Press Release/News Submission

Got a press release or news you’d like us to share? Please use the form here.

Please note, this is for artist submissions only. If you’re from a PR firm, please use our contact form here and we’ll let you know where to send your press releases!

Get featured in our Weekly Rock News Roundup

Want to submit an update to be included in our popular weekly Rock News Roundup? Well then this is the form for you! This is for rock artists only (obviously!).

Feature your music video or track on our YouTube Channel

Want us to post your new video or track on our YouTube account as a new place for people to discover your music?

Approved submissions will be posted on YouTube and then covered on the site.

We can’t upload a track which features a beat you either don’t own or don’t have permission to use. Unless you prove you now own the beat, or provide proof of explicit permission from the content owner, we therefore can not upload any remixes (unless it’s of your own track!). We can promote them on the site though (see press release/news instructions above).

Email subject: “YouTube” – “Artist Name” – “Track Name”

Things to include:

  1. A high quality version of the track/video. Songs can be attached to emails, videos can be transferred via dropbox/youtransfer/google drive etc.
  2. Your written permission to upload it; feel free to copy and paste the following sentence (and change the relevant bits!!): “I grant JesusWired permission to upload [song/video name] to YouTube.” We can’t upload your video without your permission.
  3. Details about the song/video you’d like us to include in the article
  4. A hi-res photo of the single cover or artist promo picture (must be square/landscape)
  5. Social media links

Exclusive Premiere

Want us to exclusively premiere your new track/video? Or exclusively reveal your new news?

Email subject (delete as appropriate): “Exclusive Premiere” – “Artist Name” – “Song/Video/News”

Things to include:

    1. The unlisted YouTube video link or the Soundcloud private song link
    2. or the raw video/song if you want us to exclusively premiere it via our channels
    3. or the exclusive news/details in as clear a form as possible, preferably in an attached word document. If in email, make it very clear what you want us to post.
  • How long you’d like us to exclusively premiere it for – ie. 12/24 hours, 2/3 days, a week.
  • Any relevant details you’d like us to share about the song/video (eg. song meaning)
  • A hi-res photo of the single cover or artist promo picture (must be square/landscape)
  • Social Media links


Interview Request

Want us to interview you?

Email subject: “Interview” – “Artist Name”

  • Introduction to artist
  • Details on any new releases coming out soon (the most common reason for an interview – we will still interview you if it’s not directly about a new release, but we will prioritize the ones surrounding new releases)
  • If it’s about a new single/album that’s coming out, or has just come out, please send us a link to listen to the album/single etc.
  • Your preferred interview format – email, phone, zoom or in person (dependent on covid/if we have a contributor nearby!).
  • Social media links
  • A relevant hi-res photo (square or landscape)

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Review Request

Want us to review your new EP/album?

Email subject: “Review” – “Artist Name” – “Album/EP/Single Name”

  • Introduction to artist
  • Details about the album you’d like us to take into consideration while reviewing it (include release date and also any song stories/meanings/lyrics if you have them)
  • Social media links
  • A hi-res photo of the album cover
  • And, most importantly, send us a downloadable copy of the project

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Want us to push your music harder and promote it more thoroughly? Peruse our advertising options here and fill in the form at the bottom of that page.

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