Forty-Seven Days With Jesus a quirky, heartfelt Easter offering [Review]

Forty-Seven Days With Jesus; a quirky, heartfelt Easter offering [Review]

How is the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection relevant to the 21st century family? The new faith based film Forty-Seven Days With Jesus, is a dynamic and quirky take on this, juxtaposing the story of a modern day family with a musical retelling of the Easter story. And the result is an eclectic, art house story that tells the last 47 days of Jesus’ time on earth, carrying the musicality of Bible based theatre classics and a heart akin to The Chosen.

Barrigas and Lidstone portray a couple wrestling to save their relationship. Picture: Fathom

Which makes sense, given the film stars Yoshi Barrigas as modern-day father Joseph, a workaholic whose commitment to providing for his family is impeding on their vacation. Barrigas is best recognised from The Chosen, where he played the apostle Philip through season 2-3. Playing opposite him is The Chosen’s Catherine Lidstone, who plays Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus. But don’t typecast these two due to their time venturing through the Judean desert – together they showcase a complexity and depth of a modern day relationship on the brink of divorce.

Their down to earth casting and humanity stands in sharp contrast to our musical interludes, where we go back 2000 years and Jesus (played by Jonathan Byram) takes the journey to the cross. This portion of the film is colorful, bright and filled with the four part harmonies and choreography mastered in the Gospel retelling of yesteryear. And with the inclusion of Cameron Arnett (Courageous) as Pontius Pilot, we are treated to a multi faceted look at the final days of Christ and his work ministering to people on and after the cross.

Through the film, the question remains: is the story of Jesus’ last 47 days on earth still life-changing today? And what does it look like for one man – and one family – to embrace this mind, body and soul?

Suitable for all ages, Forty-Seven Days with Jesus is a family friendly, hope filled and quirky film that is perfect for Easter. Appearing in select cinemas nation wide on March 11, 13 and 14.

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