Lacey Sturm and Lindsey Stirling release stirring collaboration “Breathe With Me”

Lacey Sturm and Lindsey Stirling release stirring collaboration “Breathe With Me”

Lacey Sturm has released a collaboration with violin virtuoso Lindsey Stirling, titled “Breathe With Me.” The song is available for streaming on all major platforms via

In this mesmerizing track, Sturm’s powerful, emotive vocals intertwine seamlessly with Stirling’s ethereal violin. The result is a stirring, cinematic collaboration that invites listeners into fully present life.

As she describes, “One of the ways we ground ourselves is through our breath. By taking a moment to breathe, we acknowledge that we are more than just physical beings.”

It’s an idea that resonated with Lindsey Stirling as well, who wrote in her memoir The Only Pirate At the Party about her childhood love for whales — these enigmatic creatures that breathe air but live in the water. In the same way, Lacey says, human beings are spiritual creatures who live in the physical.

“The word ‘breath,’ translated into various languages, often signifies ‘spirit.’ We became human beings when God breathed His Spirit into us. Many times, we lose our humanity in this material world, leaving us feeling empty and purposeless. We need to recognize our spiritual essence as well,” elaborates Sturm.

Stirling’s otherworldly violin flawlessly complements this song’s exploration of the supernatural union between spirit and skin. As a musician who effortlessly fuses classical expertise with explosive pop and rock energy, Lindsey played a pivotal role in bringing “Breathe With Me” to life.

“It is so exciting to be on a song with Lacey Sturm,” Lindsey Stirling offers of the experience. “She is so iconic and unique. As we worked on this song, it was so inspiring to see the amount of heart and emotion she puts into her music.”

“I’ve never seen anything like what Lindsey does,” Lacey exclaims, expressing appreciation for her collaborator. “It’s awe-inspiring how she embraces her uniqueness and touches the lives of countless people with her distinctiveness. She has significantly impacted the perception of the violin as a unique voice in music. She was absolutely phenomenal in the studio, contributing various melodies and ideas.”

The song’s creative journey began with co-writing and initial recording at the renowned rock producer Howard Benson’s studio in Los Angeles. Lacey Sturm’s husband and guitarist, Josh Sturm, skillfully polished the track to its completion. The Sturm family found the song particularly poignant, as it unexpectedly mirrored a personal experience — becoming a powerful memento of God’s guiding presence in their lives.

“Breathe With Me” closely follows the release of “Reconcile” this summer, and it coincides with the final few days of Lacey Sturm’s reunion appearances with Flyleaf, the band she cofounded and led.

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