13 Independent Pop Artists Team Up on "Young Pop Renegades Vol. 2", a Compilation Album

13 Independent Pop Artists Team Up on “Young Pop Renegades Vol. 2”, a Compilation Album

In October 2021, we brought you the first volume of Young Pop Renegades, and now in 2023 WE’RE BACK! “Young Pop Renegades Vol. 2” releases May 19, the product of many months of work by 13 different artists who are all independent, passionate–and most of all–incredibly talented and underrated. The brainchild of Pop/EDM artist Matthew Parker, the idea of this project is to create a small community of very talented young pop artists who can collaborate together and be a bit of a “who’s who” of our independent pop circle. Volume 2 sees most of the artist lineup returning from the first album, but also quite a few new faces, including Mykyl, GLADDEN, CieMie, Ike Smith, and Logan Martin. This year’s album continues the tradition of the “mega collab” as we call it, a massive collaboration with all 13 artists all together on a single song, and it is once again the final track on the album.

In January of this year, 10 of the 13 artists on YPR 2 were able to meet up together in Nashville for a few days of writing songs for this year’s album, and it was an incredible time of hanging out, writing together in person, and getting to know each other face to face for those of us who weren’t already friends. It was also a great opportunity to boost that sense of community and collaboration that Young Pop Renegades is all about. We came up with some great songs and I think you’ll agree!

Pop/EDM artist Sam Bowman says, “It was such a blast to work with these twelve guys on the newest Young Pop Renegades record. This album isn’t just a sonically unique project that pushes the creative envelope even more than our first album did, but it was another chance for me to write and create with some good friends. We’re beyond proud of what we’ve made, and we can’t wait to share it.”

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Source: Matthew Parker