Matt Sassano secures first career top 10 single with overcomer’s anthem “Not My Name” - Introducing Matt Sassano: Matt Sassano: “Not My Name” was inspired by experiences with disability and bullying - Rock News Roundup 85

Rock News Roundup 85

Hey rockers! Thank you all for being patient with this week’s roundup being a day later than normal. I hope everyone who celebrated thanksgiving had an amazing day yesterday filled with loved ones and delicious food!

Love And Death released their live version of Perfectly Preserved to streaming and will be shipping the physical copies by November 30th. You can check out their post about it here and stream/buy it here.

Brian “Head” Welch’s hard rock supergroup Love & Death to release live album and DVD of their first performance in 8 years

Many of your favorite rock artists/bands currently have great Black Friday deals going on. John Cooper of Skillet is just one example, but be sure to check and see what other bands have one!

Aseity premiered their music video for new song “Insanity” featuring Orion Stephens. The music video was done extremely well. The color scheme, the use of cloth to blindfold and keep her captive, the masks, the woods, there is so much great symbolism involved. Some of my favorite lyrics are “Anxiety creeps deep into my soul. Evaluating their damning notions. Bitter words are thrown into my face. But I am the bad guy”. Watch the music video below!

Love Like Gravity is releasing a new album soon called “Break The Silence”. Pre-sale begins next week. Check out the video below about it!

Matt Sassano released his newest single “Not My Name” and boy does it pack a punch. Matt has grown up with the disabilities dyscalculia and Cerebral Palsy and he’s had to deal with bullies because of it. “Not My Name” which was co-written by Josiah Prince of Disciple is about that very topic. It’s an anthem to anyone with disabilities or anyone who is a black sheep. To all the downtrodden and misfits. With explosive lyrics such as “So pick me apart. I won’t fit the mold that you fit. But thеre’s a warrior inside me that you playеd a part in building.” It shares so much heart and soul and what he has fought to get to where he is now. We are not who others perceive us to be. We are not our scars or our struggles. We are who God says we are, and He thinks we are more precious than gold. Don’t let people’s labels of you stop you from following God’s path for your life and living for Him. Matt Sassano sure hasn’t and I can’t wait to see what God does through him in the future! Check out the song below.

Matt Moore released a lyric video for new song “Stronger” and I’m absolutely in love with it and the song. I had actually recently commented on my own socials that I connect more with a song when I see the lyrics. Well this is a prime example of why and I absolutely love being able to sing along to lyrics like “Come on raise your hands and say I am stronger than before. I’m a legend built from broken pieces. Making something more. There’s a new tomorrow, and I can’t be stopped no.” Check it out below and sing along!

GFM has new music coming! Details are yet to be announced but their 5th project has been recorded! Check out their post about it here and start cheering and waving your pom poms now!

GFM to Launch Operation Take Over This Friday

And that’s all for this week. I love you all so much! Be sure to check back in next week for more rock news!

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