The Eccentric Sheep Musings Teams Up With Disciple For Self Injury Awareness Day

Last year I gave you my personal testimony about being addicted to self harm for Self Injury Awareness Day (which can be found here).  This year I decided to do something a little different.  I’ve always gone solo for the day, but this year I joined forces with some friends.  Disciple never fails to talk about self harm during their performances.  Being the great listeners they are, they listen to and speak to a lot of fans after their shows (part of why they are one of my favorites).  I figured between us we could have a good discussion that could potentially benefit others.

This month’s The Eccentric Sheep Musings is my video discussion about self harm with Kevin Young and Josiah Prince of Disciple.  My greatest purpose will always be outreach to those who self harmed like I did.  That is why God put me here and let me go through the trials I did.  You all will always have my heart, and I will be fighting for you and searching for you until I breathe my last.

To those who share these scars

You are my purpose
You are my reason for living

I was left in fire
I remained in burning embers,
and endured unimaginable pain,
as the impurities burned away

Now I have left the fires,
and I am coming for you

I have made it through,
and I am coming for you

I was created to search you out
I was brought through many trials,
for the purpose of seeking you out

I will look for you,
and I will fight for you,
until you put that razor blade down,
or I breathe my last,
whichever comes first