Audio: Kingsley - Treasure ft. LéahRae; G.O.A.Ts & Sheep Album Out Now

Audio: Kingsley – Treasure ft. LéahRae; G.O.A.Ts & Sheep Album Out Now

Kingsley’s Treasure features LéahRae and is the 1st single from his debut album “G.O.A.Ts & Sheep” out now.

Some inspiration for this song comes from IYAMAH’s song “Cryptic Love’ which I listened to in 2019 during a late-night drive back from Portsmouth to London after a mate’s wedding. The melody and delivery made you get introspective. I recall driving through unfamiliar dark country lanes lost in thought whilst being aware that a deer could run out from the bushes anytime soon. 

This had a perfect blend of ephemeral tension to it. I wanted the listener to consider what they stood to lose whilst considering what they stood to gain; a huge field with treasure buried but required some toil to find it. 

I wanted a song you can play in such settings that stirred a certain kind of emotion in the listener. I wanted the listener to introspectively think about the treasure (Salvation) they’re sitting on. Treasure which is under-appreciated and many times considered a short change because we’ve been conditioned to think “Jesus kills vibes”. 

Treasure says if you really knew what you had; you’ll cash in everything and buy in. 

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Artist Bio: Kingsley

Ex-gang member turned Father to 4 baby girls, musician, rapper, singer songwriter, photographer and sports car Lead Engineer after an encounter with Jesus Christ. 
Melodic flows with playful punchlines and impactful storytelling. 

Football fan and avid long boarder with a varied mix of musical influences from 50 Cent to John Mayer. 

I have been around the gospel rap/grime scene around the era of ‘Gospel cypher’ scene and was rattled by how the opportunities that ensued and relative exposure caused many of my peers to lose their way and eventually faith. As a result, I avoided recording and publishing music for the last 10 years and continued community outreaches which was our calling. 

Covid-19 shook things up with regards to the ability to do community outreaches and we migrated to streaming; coupled with maturity and reflection over the years; there is a lot to say admittedly which is reflected in this body of work.  

Artist Bio: LéahRae

Brought up in a creative family of actors, models and DJ’s- from a young age I was nurtured to follow my dream of becoming a secular Artist.   

After giving my life to Jesus Christ; I continued my pursuit of a music career as a secular artist – then came the moment that God convicted me with the final words of a Kirk Franklin song “for the rest of my life Jesus, you’ll be the reason why I sing”. I was signed at the time with access to key industry connections; investors were at the door and I had a life changing decision to make; I chose Jesus!  

Since then I made the decision to go strictly Gospel and not to release any music outside of hat scope; instead; focusing on my relationship with God.  

As a result, today I am 21, married, thriving and fulfilled! 

Recently; God revisited this music conviction of mine as I had become complacent; reminding me that I am accountable for how I use my gift.  

My feature on Kingsley – ‘Treasure’ is the first step of obedience on this journey and is significant, being reminiscent of my journey so far. 

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