Video Roundup: Week Starting 6/29/20

Video Roundup: Week Starting 6/29/20

Hey folks, it’s been ages since I ‘saw’ you…yesterday! Welcome back for a roundup of last week’s videos we didn’t cover on the site for one reason or another!

We start this week with a visit to the Hall of Pain with Mark Henry courtesy of the insane Wrestle and Flow talent of CHH rapper Josiah Williams. As a massive wrestling & CHH fan, Wrestle and Flow and Josiah’s recent Furlough Freestyles EP are in my wheelhouse and give me a plausible excuse to feature some wrestling on here!!

Switchfoot can Swim Good apparently…which is good considering they love to surf!

We Are Messengers want you to know that Maybe It’s Ok to not be okay

And Lily-Jo wants you to know you’re Never Alone

Honestly this might be my favourite song on the new Lightworker album Fury by Failure. Enjoy Dissonance…

Fall to my knees with palms to the sky

Unsecret and Hulvey are Cold Blooded in the 4th of 5 Unsecret/Reach Records collabs. Check out the, erm, heat below…

Speaking of heat, here’s T.E.A. from Spencer Kane – well no-one wants a cold cup of tea now do they?

Every Good Thing deserves a Neon Feather remix to make it even ‘Gooder’.

Is ‘gooder’ even a word? Who knows? Well Everything Is Possible according to Philippa Hanna & her fans soooo…

Well whether it’s a word or not, Manwell and Goldford would Rather Be Happy.

Look at those tortoises go like Lightning! An ‘electric’ new video from The Afters.

Whitlee Casey wants someone to Wake Me Up, preferably without the use of lightning

1k Phew and 1K Pson are celebrating the New Fourth of July

PEABOD has some BIG Feelings to process with the help of Aklesso, his therapist (not really!).

With Goodness (Eyes Wide Open) Elle Limebear proves once again that if your lyrics are strong enough they can single handedly carry a video and keep your attention.

Carrying the worshipful tone going is Rush Of Fools with their version of Build My Life. Man I love the lyrics of this song, and I don’t say that often when it comes to worship music.

aaaaaand it’s Only Right to end this roundup with Psalm & 1K Phew.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you’ve found something new to listen to. Got a band or video I should check out? Comment below! I’ll see you again next Monday for a roundup of this week’s uncovered videos. Peace & Blessings!