GAWVI Announces New Album Heathen Slated to Drop April 10, 2020 - Heathen

GAWVI Unveils Mini Documentary Diving Deeper into New Album Heathen

Reach Records Award-winning producer and solo artist GAWVI unveiled a mini-documentary this morning titled Heathen that premiered exclusively on Relevant Magazine online and can also now be seen on GAWVI’s YouTube channel below.

In the 13-minute documentary, GAWVI dives into his process of discovering the true meaning of the word “heathen”, the title of his forthcoming album set to drop on April 10. Delving into his childhood, the documentary showcases how he was never looked at as “normal” by others and how he grew to accept and embrace it. Now feeling confident in who he is, he takes fans along his journey of making music to please others to now, creating exactly what he feels is right, regardless of what everyone around him is telling him to do.

“The word heathen is a bold word that I feel the Christian culture requires an explanation for,” shares GAWVI. “So this is my way of explaining the direction I am going with my music and who I am trying to reach because it is not what the Christian culture is used to receiving. To those who feel like they don’t have it all figured out and are in hiding, I want the word heathen to bring them comfort, to let them know it is okay to embrace who you are and where you are in life. I want to give the word a new meaning of love and acceptance. “

In support of the short film, the six-time Dove Award winner released “Climate Change,” a new single from his highly anticipated new album Heathen out on April 10. The song features guest artists Aklesso and Wordsplayed and is available across all streaming platforms starting today.

“This song represents how I was feeling when making the track, of just having fun and being free,” explains GAWVI. “I hope people feel confident in joining this movement of finding the freedom to be themselves in Christ. “

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Source: Sundari PR