The Chosen's Yoshi Barrigas talks Forty-Seven Days With Jesus

The Chosen’s Yoshi Barrigas talks Forty-Seven Days With Jesus

Get in the car friends, because we’re headed to the movies to watch Forty-Seven Days with Jesus! Starring The Chosen’s Yoshi Barrigas, Forty-Seven Days hits theatres nation wide this March 11,12 and 14. And JesusWired’s Jess has an exclusive interview with Yoshi to celebrate its release!

Yoshi sits down with Jess to talk about playing Joseph – a work-a-holic father whose family is on the verge of breakdown. Plus, he gets real about depicting Biblical characters (Philip the apostle AND Jesus in a TBN special), and chats about working with evangelical media, and his open hearted journey to spiritual transformation. And spoiler, it may include Justin Bieber.

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