Skillet's Monster Certified 5x Platinum, Band Blitzes European Rock Festivals And More Updates

Skillet’s Monster Certified 5x Platinum, Band Blitzes European Rock Festivals And More Updates

12x platinum rockers SKILLET recently returned from Europe after a summer trek of eight countries, playing in front of 300,000 including Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.  This was the band’s first trip back since their 2020 tour dates had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Skillet has amassed a rabid international fanbase throughout their career, selling out arenas in 26 countries and four continents.

Talking about their return, lead singer John Cooper remarked, “It was actually a bit emotional.  Before covid we toured Europe almost every year, so to be back was just amazing.  International travel isn’t what it used to be, ha ha, but we had a fantastic time – these crowds were more than ready to rock, and we can’t wait to go back.”

Adding to their growing list of RIAA certifications, the band returned to U.S. soil to find their Comatose album had garnered platinum certification, while the track “The Last Night” was certified gold.  These follow last fall’s triple-platinum status of their landmark album Awake, and hit tracks “Awake & Alive,” going double-platinum, “Hero,” triple-platinum, and “Monster,” already one of the most-streamed rock songs in history, hiting 5x platinum status. 

Guitarist Seth Morrison has also recently announced a new partnership with  Westminster Effects to create the 2716 Seth Morrison Signature Distortion pedal, available here
Providing professional, quality high gain tones the pedal takes cues from classic high gain tube amps such as the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Rev F to take tonal dominion over guitars – from hard rock to mid-2000s pop punk, to the heaviest of metal.

“It’s been an awesome experience working with Westminster Effects on a signature pedal,”  recalls Morrison.  “As a guitarist it’s exciting to put your name on something as a signature product and then to have the great response it’s had so far. The pedal is meant to capture my sound that people hear at Skillet shows. A great, heavy sound except in pedal form.”

Source: The M Collective