Audio: Naje Busia - Father's Place

Audio: Naje Busia – Father’s Place & Do Something New

Naje Busia has released his first official Ep to encourage all to find hope, strength and purpose by abiding in God. This Ep shows how great it is to be in the Father’s place in order to rejuvenate life through the Holy Spirit.


Naje Busia, From East London, born in 1999 started his gospel journey from the age 16. Growing up in a tough area in east London, Naje has become one of the youngest upcoming Acoustic gospel artist today. After experiencing a tragic lost of his younger brother (Narada Busia) 3 years ago, Naje’s last hope in recovering from the pain was to worship. Through his constant time with God he has been led to encourage many people in how to overcome difficult situations. After a dramatic 3 years, Naje has opened up a campus fellowship in Northampton called “Worship At Heart Ministries” which initially started at home with his Mum and two younger brothers.

Naje is now a popular figure amongst the young generation and in the gospel industry. He has inspired many young people through YouTube where he has gained over 43K views,  live events around the UK & Europe and through his Instagram live.

London Gospel Artist Naje Busia has officially released his debut Ep called “Father’s Place” on the 22nd May 2020. Naje’s Ep was produced by Jude Amponsah and his team, added with Naje’s acoustic influence. The purpose of the Ep is to encourage all people especially the young to get closer to God and to persevere.

Listen and join below as Naje expresses quiet time with God in Spirit.

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