Wire Bird Fly to Success with New World EP

Review By: Jessica Morris
Release Date: 8/24/2015
Rating: [usr 8.5]

Melbourne band Wire Bird has taken off running with their EP New World. Making a name for themselves over the past few years, the quartet’s premiere EP is set to make an impression, both on the Australian music scene and the Christian music industry.

Opening with “New World,” a strong acoustic backing drives a light, uplifting melody. Meshing their harmonies with ease, the song about life after death and eternal life in perfection, is a brilliant opener. Highlighting the brevity of our current state of being and need to be authentic, the band delivers a poignant message with a steadiness that will immediately endear you to their sound.

Following on with “Mirrors,” you will notice the intentionality behind the instrumentation and production. Percussion and a mesmerizing guitar line underlie the tune, and you soon forget they are there, making it something quite unique and special. Saying, “Break these mirrors, trying so hard to do nothing at all,” the struggle to accept yourself as you are is highlighted. The real climax of this song is in the instrumentation, particularly the charismatic drumming and seeming galactic sounds of the guitar towards the end.

“Always” is a pop infused track, telling the story of someone whose lover has just left. Exploring the security of his presence as someone ‘always’ beside her, phrases like “In the morning, you shook when he touched you,” and “Who will be there when the dust turns to gold?” emphasise the freedom she now possesses. This track is unique in its subject matter, simply because we rarely hear strong male bands challenge the stigma and process that comes from toxic and abusive relationships. Balanced with their trademark folk-indie vocals, the commitment in the instrumental delivery matches the lyrics, and together they partner to create an immensely powerful song.

The introduction of “Swings” evolves from a catchy electric guitar hook, and percussion and bass join in to create intensity previously not there. Working with the internal conflict that resides in us, as we break free of rules and constraints, it is an evocative and compelling dynamic that pushes the envelope of what it means to find ourselves. Leaving room for an instrumental break, the guitar thrives and you are taken on a journey by simply listening to the music.

Finishing off with “Fire,” percussion ushers in a deep, resounding acoustic guitar line that makes you feel as though you are swimming. Matching the metaphor of the lyrics that refer to life as a ‘river,’ the melody sits somewhere between Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons, and you will be swept up in the intensity of the tune. Expressing the moment you finally know what you are living for, harmonies join with the complexity of the instrumental lines to simultaneously communicate the passion and the power of fire and what this represents in our own lives.

Stepping between the secular and Christian music industry, Wire Bird has managed to communicate heart pounding and deeply personal topics on New World. Polished and professional, the quality of the songs and their delivery matches the standards of their chart-topping peers. Within each track, you will be challenged to uncover the meaning behind the lyrics, leaving much open to your own interpretation. The strength of the instrumentation therefore drives the EP, making Wire Bird a band to watch. Indie Pop lovers who frown at the state of the Christian music industry will adore these guys, because they manage to do what few others CCM bands can; give us a refreshing and compelling take on what it means to live out faith authentically in the world.


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