Satellites & Sirens’ Offer Up “One Noise” Of Praise With New Album

Review Date: 3/18/14
Review By: Angel Journey
Release Date: 3/18/14
Rating: [usr 8]

Following their success with their fan-funded Frequency album in 2011, synth-pop-rockers Satellites & Sirens decided to go down the same route with their newest full length album, entitled One Noise, and, once again, reached their Kickstarter goal. One Noise is the Nashville quartet’s third full length release, but their first since signing with DREAM records recently. Band members include vocalist Geoff Hunker, drummer Jonathan Dimmel, guitarist David Troyer, and David Willey covering bass and synth. One Noise has been in the works since 2012, and it’s easily evident to hear the bands extraordinarily solid sound, with synths galore, great vocals, splendid rhythms, and fun guitar melodies.

Crash Down” launches the album with abundant energy as it reflects upon the great motif of Christianity: hope. No matter how much the burden of despair can try to press down upon us, we always have God’s love. “I, I, I, I will stand my ground! In You, in You, my hope is found! Your love will change me inside out! So crash down like a wave on us.”  The track “Magnetic” continues to spread faith in the face of sorrow; whenever you’re weighed down with feelings of anxiety and distress, lift up these words to God, and feel His hope, “You push away all the shadows of disaster, and rebuild what was left to fall.”  With Hawk Nelson frontman Jonathan Steingard lending his vocals, “Breakthrough” reassures us to not hold onto the guilt or the pain, as we “gotta be strong and just move on. Don’t miss out, just live the dream before it’s gone.”  No matter how tough the situation, courage is only a prayer away.

The first single of the album, “Jump Start My Heart,” is a creative reflection upon how Jesus’ sacrifice gives us the opportunity for a new life. “Never going back to being just alright, love is moving faster than the speed of light, you’re changing, rearranging my design.”  Continuing to explore Jesus’ sacrifice is the track “You Traded Heaven,” as it praises Him for what He renounced in order to saturate our hearts with His love. ” You traded heaven to be with us, a crimeless death that won our hearts. We will give You all, we’ll trade this world for You.”

A few tracks in and it’s easy to see that the album is a powerful worship record, full of meaningful praise and adoration. With the slower track “Teach Me How To Love,” the song asks God to teach us to love as He does and it calls on us to remember that with God showering us with His love, forgiveness, and grace, that we too are to show those same things to those around us. “When I can’t see past the failures and I’m tired of holding on, your teach me how to love.” Delving into a spirit of worship and praise, “We Are Yours,” “Our God Is Able,” and “Holy Are You God” continue to explore how powerful and amazing God is. “This world a grain of sand, but our God will never end. Created life with his breath, so breath love in us.”

Keep Running” is the most unique track from the record, and it is extremely satisfying listening to the interesting rhythms and whispering deliverance of the lyrics. It’s a great piece about obedience, and that the best response to God’s call is: “I will move if you say ‘go.’ Where you lead I will follow. I’ll keep running, keep running.”  The title track “One Noise” is quite an anthem as it chants “We are one voice, we are one body. Together one force, we’re shouting Your glory.”  Further exploring this idea is the final track of the album, “United Kingdom,” as it empowers us with the line “We are a generation, we come to cut these ties. To break down every border, blur these diving lines.”  It is a rallying call that charges us to become one church, one body, one voice.

One Noise is an empowering record that simultaneously praises Jesus, gives us hope, and calls us to be better as a church. Satellites & Sirens does that all while still delivering great upbeat music and wonderful lyrics. The band is currently on tour with a great line up for the We Won’t Be Shaken: The Tour, featuring Building 429, Family Force 5, Hawk Nelson, and Lybecker (for more tour info and tour dates, click here) so, if they come near you, make sure you pop along and hear some of these new songs live! Also, be sure to pick up a copy of their newest album at the earliest possible opportunity and sing along as we all become one voice with “One Noise.”


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