Rush of Fools Light Up the Airwaves With New Album “Carry Us Now”

Review Date: 05/29/2014
Review By: Jessica Morris
Release Date: 06/03/2014
Rating:  [usr 8.5]

Alabama natives Rush of Fools have the unique ability to straddle the line between worship band and contemporary rock outfit. Known for their solid melodies, catchy choruses and honest lyrics, the band’s latest release Carry Us Now (Sony Music) follows suit. With the overarching theme of worshiping God in spirit and truth, each of the 11 tracks included on this album have been strategically placed, taking the listener on a journey deeper into the presence of God. Through each track we are encouraged to honestly recognize our brokenness, while finding compassion in a loving and mighty God.

Opening with the catchy “Take Me Over,” fans are greeted with the same positive tone and quality we have experienced on previous albums. The use of a consistent and driving melody creates a sense of urgency, asking us to step into a place of worship. This becomes more stripped back in the chorus which is a play on the old Sunday school chorus “Peace Like A River” as they sing, “There’s peace, peace like a river; there’s joy, joy like a fountain; there’s love, love like the ocean; take me over.” One of the more synthesized songs on the album, it paves the way for the largely acoustic driven and heartfelt tracks to follow.

“Held In Your Hands” is a piano based track with a simple melody. Recounting the truths found in the Gospels with the addition of a string section, this song will lift and encourage your spirit as it reminds us that every aspect of our lives are in God’s hands. Following on with“Nailed To The Cross,” there is an introspective honesty and humility found in the lyrics which is not frequently seen in worship songs. Rather than acting as a condemning message about the human condition, it instead builds to a chorus of praise as they sing,“My debt is nailed to the cross, it is all gone, he has paid every cost.” This theme of redemption is apparent all the way throughout Carry Us Now and it acts as a pointer to the character and grace of God, making this album both beautiful and insightful. The acoustic driven track “Power in The Blood” creates an anthem with lyrics like “The cross was enough,” and it will resound in your head for days after the first listen. The tracks “Your Will Be Done” and “Lord Have Mercy” then take the album to a new level with the overlaying of vocals and the meshing of electric guitar, strings and piano to emphasis the heart cry of humanity as we yearn for God to deliver us.

The addition of the popular praise song “Lay Me Down” shows Rush of Fools in their finest form, using a violin and their distinctive sound to make this corporate worship song into a radio friendly hit. “My Heart Cries Out” brings the album back to a reflective place with the prayer to,“Break the walls that I have built, light again the fire in me until my heart cries out.” As the album reaches its conclusion, the band solidify themselves as a key worship/rock outfit on the music scene; their commitment to being both honest and theologically relevant is found right through to the final track “Undo,” a reworking of their previous hit.

Filled with a message of God’s unfailing love and mercy which carry us through life, Rush of Fools have created a beautiful and solid record which will light up the radio airwaves. Treat yourself and buy a copy of the stunning Carry Me Now on June 3.


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