If you enjoy having your religious ideologies challenged, Jeff Turner is an author you will want to check out. His book Saints in the Arms of a Happy God:Recovering the Image of God and Man has rave reviews on Amazon. The book, in many ways, challenges the thoughts expressed in the famous Sinners in the Arms of An Angry God sermon by Jonathan Edwards without disregarding Edward’s influence in his time. This basic thought written by Turner expresses the theme of Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: 

“Let us never lose the simplicity and beauty of our message, which is not hell but Christ!”

Turner’s latest book The Atheistic Theist: Why There is No God and You Should Follow Him strips down the gospel to the basics, causing you to look deeper into your own belief systems. This review on Amazon expresses the heart of Turner’s book very well:

“To say that Jeff takes a knife to some “Sacred Cows”, would not do this book justice. This book will radically change your concepts of who God is. If we get God wrong, we get so many things wrong. This book is well researched and thoughtfully written. Mixing in solid arguments with personal experiences. Often I found myself rereading portions or paragraphs, saying to myself, what did he just say?. Jeff is one of a new generation of voices, causing us to rethink our own beliefs and paradigms. I can’t recommend this book more strongly.

Prepare to be challenged, prepare to be changed. “

In additon to writing books, Turner is a popular speaker and regularly travels throughout the United States preaching and teaching in local churches, Bible Colleges as well as in conference settings, declaring the Good News of God’s grace. You can listen to his October 2017 message at New Covenant Christian Church (Nc3), in Wilkesboro, North Carolina here.

Turner keeps a lively discussion going on his Facebook feed and offers specials on his books at times. You can connect with him on Facebook here.

Read an Excerpt and Purchase Books by Jeff Turner here

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