Ways To Contribute To JesusWired

At JesusWired we love Christian music with all our hearts and want to promote as much of it as possible to those who need to hear it or those who are just simply looking to find new things to listen to. To do that effectively we need a large team of volunteers to make a real positive change in this world.

At JesusWired we want you to write or talk about the things you are passionate about as long as it fits the format of JesusWired.com (i.e. Christian music/entertainment, helping equip indie musicians/providing tips, devotions, or anything else Christian related).

With the exception of the odd paid review/interview, everything is volunteer based (at the moment) but it is all flexible around your life. Whether you can contribute 1 article every couple of months or more than 1 a day, you’re welcome here!

If you have a passion for promoting Christian music and can write/understand basic English, we will find a way of getting you involved!

If you’re interested in joining the JesusWired contributors, or have any other questions, please fill out the contact form at the bottom detailing the areas you’d like to contribute in. You can of course contribute in multiple areas.

So without further ado, here are the main ways you can contribute for us:

News Contributors – we’re looking for a large team of passionate Christian music fans to provide as close to real time updates as possible. Whether that be through detailed news articles or simple 1 or 2 sentence quick updates is up to you. You need to have the ability to work independently, although our Editor can suggest items to cover where necessary.

Interviewers – we’re looking to really up our exclusive interview content, be that through written, phone, google hangout/skype or in person interviews. You must have good communication skills and reliable recording equipment. Previous experience in a similar capacity is encouraged but not necessary.

Reviewers – we’re looking for numerous strong writers with good communication skills to provide insightful and unbiased reviews. Previous experience in a similar capacity is encouraged but not necessary. Interested but not written a review before? We can set up a trial review for you to do.

Column Writers – It’s your column, do with it what you want! (As long as it fits the format of the site). A few ideas: devotions, monthly/weekly summaries of the best new music/videos, a throwback column, personal blog posts, tips for indie musicians.

Music submissions content curators – we are looking for 1 person to help post music submissions on the site/our YouTube/Soundcloud channels and/or communicate with the artists throughout the simple process/come up with creative ways to share the artists’ content. Good communication skills are required, as is the ability to work independently and as a team.

Social Media Managers – we’re looking for 1 volunteer to help engage one of, or all of, our social media followings on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You must have good people/communication skills, be creative and be able to work independently and also as part of a team.

Press Statements Editors – we’re looking for 1 person to come on board to help post Press Statements on to the site. You must be willing to cover at least 3 statements a week, be able to work independently and follow instructions. It’s mostly just copying and pasting and takes all of 5 minutes!

Concert Reviewers – we are looking for 2 people to attend concerts (mostly via a free press pass) and review them. Good and creative writing skills are required, and previous experience in reviewing is highly encouraged.

Interested in joining the JesusWired team of contributors? Please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within a day or two.

We are also looking for someone to join the JesusWired team of Editors as Associate Editor. You must have a big passion for Christian music, have some free time, have good communication skills, be a team player as well as have the ability to work independently. Interested in learning more? Let us know via the form below.

New Writers Applications

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  • If you answered yes to the above field please add any links to example articles of yours above or links to articles on Dropbox/Google Drive etc (max 4). If you'd prefer to attach them to an email, make a note in your message and we'll direct you where to send them ASAP.
  • Please tell us a little bit about yourself/why you want to contribute for us. Please comment with any questions you may have.
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