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Submit Press Release

  • This service is being offered as a courtesy to hard-working independent artists who often get overlooked or bypassed in favor of bigger, more prominent artists. Here at JesusWired, we love the “little guy” and enjoy providing you the opportunity to be seen right next to the major players in the industry.

    Legitimate use of this form includes things like the announcement of a new album/single, a new music video, a new MAJOR event (ie. not every individual show you’ve booked), etc.

    If you have any questions prior to submitting an article for consideration you can reach us through our normal Contact form.

    If we find merit in the content you’ve provided we will post it. If we feel it’s lacking for any reason we will not (eg if it’s not well written, the media content is not up to par etc). Due to the quantity of submissions we receive we won’t notify you unless your article is set to be posted.

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