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Christian Music Release Dates

Here’s our list of new Christian music releases for 2023 (with the odd book and movie too!). Due to today’s streaming culture and singles being the preferred releases, every release listed below is a single unless stated. All release dates are of course subject to change.

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Poetic Descent – Worry of Wages ft. Jason Wisdom

K. Murray – Pray For Me


Red Letter Rising – Better Days

Strength Betrayed – Awake

Matt Moore – Separate Ways

Then It Ends – Chasm (EP)

Mike Teezy – Go to Waste

Consumed By Fire – Goodbye Ole Me

Anthem Lights – Wherever I Go

Reece Lache – Young & Reckless

StefanOtto x Datin – Cut My Strings

Melvillous – Something More

Cochren & Co – Running Home

Reblah x R-Scar x TBabz – Need More Grace

BigBreeze – Sport Mode (EP)

Dillon Chase – Good Morning


Christopher Sona Franklin x Monster Tarver – I Said What I Said


KJ-52 – One Percent Better


Dj Lethal Skillz x Randy Mason x Kai Landa – Yes Lawd (Nah Man)

Jake Isaac – Start Again


Wilder Woods – Maestro (Tears Don’t Lie)

Hannah Green – Hold Me Close


Fight The Fade – Monster (YS Remix)



Disciple – The Executioner

Micah Ariss – Come to Light

Pop Evil x Fit For A King – Dead Reckoning

Manafest – In The End (Linkin Park Cover)

Collington – Close To Me


Mike Teezy – I Promise!

KB x Brandon Lake – Graves (Acoustic)

George.Rose x Arik Nelson – Knock Knock

Angie Rose x Poetics – Hearts In Pain

Xay Hill x BlueGiraffe Kid x Darnell Nate – I’m Ready

Christopher Syncere – If I Ran Away

L. Dejuan – WORKOUT

Just M3lo – The Difference

Knaladeus x Datin – Still Hopeful

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. x Todd Dulaney x Aaron Cole – Crown

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. – Tell Somebody ft. Maranda Curtis

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. – Set The Bar

GRAHAM – Screen Time

K-Drama x K-Drama Beats – Chemex


Matthew Parker x HIDDEN EYES – Dark Mirage

Alive City x Tryhard Society – Rev It Up

Kevinho Fe – ICU

Shyloom x Easy Mccoy – Glory

Branan Murphy – Palaces


Emily Faith – Hopes Up

planetboom – Youth Group Foyer Vibes, Vol. 2 (album)

Songs From the Soil x Philippa Hanna – Fighting For My Heart

Phil Wickham – This Is Our God

Dante Bowe – Hide Me


Josie Hargis – Oceans Wide


Lecrae x Hulvey – Walk


November Sky – Illuminate



Project86 – 0 > 1

Warrior – self-titled (album)

Skillet – Finish Line ft. Adam Gontier


Miles Minnick – Big ft. Lecrae

Deraj – All On Me Remixes (EP)

Mike Teezy – Jersey

Joey Vantes – BTRFLY

Nomis – Forest ft. Propaganda

Adam Prince – 90% ft. 1K Phew

Shyloom – My Domain ft. Easy Mccoy & Alaina Cross

Megan Tossi – Shotgun ft. Christopher Syncere

BrvndonP x Mission – Like The Weekend

Phathom – Flawed ft. Rand Scott x JusRzd, Truth InRhyme

Bizzle – Nobody

Eshon Burgundy – Lost Sheep (album)

Kurtis Hoppie – Sunflowers

Marqus Anthony – Chopstick ft. Choirboy Bell & EmmanuelDaProphet

BrvndonP x Mission – Like The Weekend

Folabi Nuel – Melody ft. Limoblaze x Greatman Takit

Canton Jones – Worship & 808’s


Tauren Wells x Elevation Worship – Joy In The Morning

Matthew West – You Changed My Name

Matt Redman – Halfway Empty (Live)


Eshon Burgundy – Lost Sheep (album)

Thre – Fisherman


Kevinho Fe – Fall From Grace: No Signal (album)


Micah Tyler – Walking Free: Taking Small Steps To A Big God (Book)



Living Scars – Wake Me Up

August Burns Red – Backfire

The Midnight Wedding – Stand

Country Goes Metal x Righteous Vendetta – Leave The Night On

Decyfer Down – Cycles


KNALADEUS – I Was There (album)

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. – Emanuel (album)

Shine x 1K Phew – NOT PLAYING

Mike Teezy – By The River

Aable – Childish ft. Loso

CalledOut Music – Worst Days

Emcee N.I.C.E. x Canton Jones X Everett Drake – Amen Right There

Guvna B – Bridgeland Road ft. Michaela Coel

Swaizy – BEEN UP

Nu Tone x Ashlee Keyton – Freedom Sound

LilRed x Xay Hill – FROM THE JUMP

Becon Light x Que Parks – Ready Set Go

K-Drama – Keep Me Lifted

TUVI x 350 x Kemvr – Holy Trinity

Procyse x iNTELLECT x DJ Navin Johnson – The Big Picture

Porsha Love x BigBreeze – GUMBO


Joseph Madigan x Big Fil x outr.cty – Red Letters

Nitro X x Andre LeLaney x Ike Smith – PRAYING TO FORGET

HILLTOP SOCIETY – GRAIL ft. Jay Sanon, JustcallmeDT, A-Dub White

Mogli The Iceburg – VACUUM

Thre – Fisherman

DJ Mal-Ski x Dee-1 – MY HAPPY

GRAHAM – Counterfeit


Trampolines x Aaron Cole – Hey You

Lwo – To The Sky ft. Tanner Damxn (Sped Up Version)

Sarah Reeves – Jealousy


The Young Escape – Worship You There

Ian Zumback – Head to my Heart

Sound of the House x Austin & Lindsey Adamec – Good Plans (Live)

Jason Gray – Be Kind


Darrell Dominic x Bryann T x Datin – El Chapo



Mike Teezy – Forgive ’em

Easy Mccoy x S.O. x Neahe Ashain x I$$A – Pray For Peace

Building 429 – You Keep Hope Alive


KJ-52 x PEABOD – No Bad Days


YB – Play For Keeps

Saved By Grace – The Nashville Recordings (EP)



Zahna – Stronger Than Death (album)

Seventh Day Slumber – Surviving The Wasteland

Fight The Fade x Misfit – Monster (Misfit Remix)


Javy XI x Knaladeus – Heaven’s Reminder

Christopher Syncere – Jeff Hardy 777

Hog Mob x HGMB Dymond – R.O.S.E. (album)

Limoblaze – Two

StefanOtto – Father, Strengthen My Feet ft. Jay Cabassa x Jes Norris x Tee-Wyla

Alcott x Hilgy x Jesse Calentine – Paramount

Phathom x Jes Norris x Mike Teezy – No Conditions

Shon Tha Phenom x Aaron Dews – We Don’t Talk

Pettidee x Knowdaverbs (Village KNG) – Harriet Tubman ft. Rocket x DJ Skillspinz

Jude Barclay x Eli Wilson x Swaizy – Get Over It

Deliciious x Xay Hill – Wake Up

Nu Tone x Jeaux Mayo – No Half Step

JSteph – in the midst

Chris Cron – Unbreakable

adamariz x 350 – NEED

Jon Keith x nobigdyl. – CHOSE

Stillman – Can’t Help Falling in Love

L. Dejuan – BLOOM

Earth Groans – Overgrown

Alvin Marquis – FEEL

Anthem Lights – Umbrella

XROSS – Shapes, Sizes and Colors


Thathard Magazine x HIDDEN EYES – Edgerunner 23

Zayde Wolf – That Energy


Blanca x Tauren Wells – Something Better

George Mhondera – Not Even Once

Mac Powell – New Creation ft. Anne Wilson

James Pritchard – Tapestry ft. Nathan Jess


ADR!AN – The Blood


Skillet – Dominion – Day of Destiny (Deluxe Album)

World Gone Cold – Apology

Steven Curtis Chapman – Don’t Lose Heart ft. Mitchell Tenpenny


Wande – Winning


Fallstar – Doomsayer

Lecrae – Church Clothes 4 Deluxe: ‘Dry Clean Only’ (Deluxe Mixtape)

Tina Boonstra – If I could

Cade Thompson – Good God

Chris Quilala – Same God (Live)

Samara C. Pals – Let It Be (Mary’s Song)


Marqus Anthony x Choirboy Bell x DKG Kie – Reggie Miller



Fight The Fade – Scratching ft. Deadric

Red Letter Rising – Echoes of Eden (album)

We Are Messengers – Hills Of Tyrone (EP)

Tyrone Crawford – Never Going Back Ft. Derek Minor

Patrizia Liberata – Greatest Treasure

Hannah Schaefer – Faithful

Bizzle – Like You


KB – Dangerous Jesus (Book)


Lauren Daigle – Thank God I Do

adamariz – NEED 2 HOLD ON 2 THE TRUTH (EP)

PROMISE – Lookin’ ft. Bumps INF


NF – Motto



TheoTerran – WarCry


Miles Minnick – Sober


PTtheGospelSpitter – Kingdom (Praise Worship Mix)

Kham x Quinten Coblentz – Man of the House

Kurtis Hoppie – Me + You = Pi

Linga TheBoss – GOD DID IT ft. Ada Betsabe


Ian Zumback – Abeline (EP)

Santus Real – Won’t Let Me Go ft. Brennley Brown (Acoustic)

Amanda Janson – Beauty In My Praise

JUDAH. – Anything Is Possible

Big Daddy Weave – Heaven Changes Everything

Jordan Feliz – Somebody Loves You

Elevation Rhythm – PRAISES!

Anthem Lights – Surrounded

Jason Crabb – Good Morning Mercy ft. Dylan Scott

Dan Bremnes – Fingerprints

Landry Cantrell – You And Nobody

Courtnie Ramirez – Broken

Kelontae Gavin – Live Again

Dante Bowe – Demons

Passion – I’ve Witnessed It ft Melodie Malone (Live)

Kingsporch – God Is In This House (EP)

Run51 – This Moment ft. Branan Murphy


Baut – Right side


Dedge P x Classmaticc – Going Nowhere

Shane & Shane – Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (Live Album)



Relent – Soldier

Wilder Woods – Fever/Sky (album)

Nothing More – Best Times ft. Lacey Sturm

August Burns Red – The Abyss ft. JT Cavey

Then It Ends x A Past Unknown – No Strength for the Weak


Jon Keith – Eremos (album)

C4 Crotona – Hideous (EP)

S.O. – Ready

Roy Tosh – Young Forever

Wande – You

Bizzle x Bryann T – On My Own

Zaydok – My Problems

Henrik – Somewhere Between

MvkeyyJ – Field Day ft. Parris Chariz

Village KNG – Forward Motion

K-Drama – No Case

Hilltop Society – Clarity

3HRE – Saturate

Reconcile – Forever (album)

Prafit Josiah – Falling…


Owl City – Coco Moon (album)

Xander Sallows x Jachin McDonald – i don’t have an answer

Hyper Fenton – Deathly Hallow

Manic Drive – Livin’ The Life

Neon Feather – Altar ft One Common


Micah Tyler – People Like Us (EP)

Terrian – Big God

We Are Messengers – Wholehearted ft. KB

David Leonard – Every Hour ft. Josh Baldwin

Planetshakers – Rock

Sean BE – Count It All Joy

David Dunn – Story of History

Sound of the House – Sound of the House Volume 2 Live (album)

NewSong – Love Is Stronger

Elevation Worship – More Than Able ft. Chandler Moore & Tiffany Hudson


OneFamily – Beautiful Shore


Magdalene Rose – Shark Spray

Henrik – Somewhere between

The Midnight Wedding – Treading Water

Tina Boonstra – Why Do Good Times Fly ?



Cade Thompson – EMPTY ROOM (album)


Colton Dixon – Canvas (EP)

Tina Boonstra – Circle Back, Start Again. (album)



The Midnight Wedding – tba (album)

Guvna B – THE VILLAGE IS ON FIRE (album)



Fallstar – Sacred Mirrors (album)

Sometime 2023…

StefanOtto – All Good ft. Jes Norris & Bumps INF

Elikem – Long Life & Drama (album)

DAV – The Divided (album)

JP – The Pastor’s Kid (album) (summer)

DIE-REK – Year of Redemption (album)

Zauntee – The Stonebrook Project

Collision of Innocence – Falling to Rise

Salt of the Sound – Hymns for Morningtide (EP)

Konata Small – Sorry, but NO THANKS (EP)

WILKES and The Coles – album tba

Illuminate – Post Traumatic Streets Disorder (album)

William Murphy – Worship & Justice (album)

A.I. the Anomaly x Selah The Corner – Sibling Rivalry

Kutless – rock project

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