Ian Zumback - The Story Behind The Table Cover // Join Ian Zumback at "The Table"

Join Ian Zumback at “The Table”

There is something soul- stirring about music that comes with an honest message. It’s almost depressing, yet at the same time it’s comforting because someone else can relate to our deepest emotions. Ian Zumback... Read More...
Theody Offers Hope With Prelude

Theody Offers Hope With Prelude

Theody is back with another rocking EP, filled with crunchy guitar riffs, strong, sure vocals, and creative lyrics.  The beginning of “Reticence” has a bit of an orchestral feel, the strings resounding strong a... Read More...
Jon Foreman Inspires at The Underground

Jon Foreman Inspires at The Underground

It was a rather chilly Sunday night in Cincinnati, Ohio as a line began to form outside of The Underground concert venue.  A quiet anticipation buzzed through the air as people filled the room and chose a seat.... Read More...

Review: One-Way Conversations With Hollyn

After the release of her self-titled debut EP in 2015, Hollyn joined the list of female voices to look out for in Christian Pop music. ‘One-Way Conversations’ starts with Can’t Live Without an upbeat song th... Read More...