Quick News 19 - Art

Quick News 19 – Art

Datin & Marty of Social Club Misfits have created a 6 track EP together and put out a bounty for the cover art. Create the best cover art for 'Who Do You Believe' and you could win $200/have your art used ... Read More...
Review: Audrey Assad - Eden

Review: Audrey Assad – Eden

Audrey Assad gave us an unexpected gift this year, an EP entitled “Eden.” What a year for this artist to paint art with lyrics and notes that encompass what it means to become more of who we were created to be.... Read More...
A Medium Sized Out Of Date Video Roundup

A Medium Sized Out Of Date Video Roundup

This article has sat in my drafts folder for months now and it's time these videos and songs see the light of day on our site. So, just to clarify, it's this article that's out of date and not these songs or v... Read More...
Audio: Maria Schoeps - I Tried

Audio: Maria Schoeps – I Tried

Originally from Brazil, Maria Schoeps is a singer - songwriter living in England. Maria’s passion for music was developed at a young age through her experiences with contemporary worship music in her local chur... Read More...
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