A Time To Share, A Moment To Spare

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hmmm, don’t you think Valentine’s Day should be every day? I mean after all the main purpose of the holiday is to show love in giving love and receiving love, right? So, why don’t we all practice spreading the ... Read More...
Coincidence or God send?

Coincidence or God send?

Every night, for almost 10 years now, before bed I read the Bible. A few days before Christmas I finished reading the Book of Revelation. I then decided to read portions of the Scriptures about Jesus’ birth and... Read More...

Hymns of Old and Songs of New

The other day, as I scrolling through Twitter I came upon an Air1 tweet that asked: “If you could only listen to one Christmas song this year, what would it be? ” Instantly, Mary, Did You Know? came to mind; a... Read More...
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