A Medium Sized Out Of Date Video Roundup

A Medium Sized Out Of Date Video Roundup

This article has sat in my drafts folder for months now and it's time these videos and songs see the light of day on our site. So, just to clarify, it's this article that's out of date and not these songs or v... Read More...
Kingdom First Chronicles

Welcome to Kingdom First Chronicles

Hello! Welcome to my column. I have been asked to introduce myself. My name is Stephany and I love Jesus. I also love books and music. So I decided to combine my love for Jesus and my love for books and create... Read More...
Jo's Devotions: Own Your Frontline

Jo’s Devotions: Own Your Frontline

One of the trending terms 2020 has exposed all of us to is ‘frontline workers’. Honestly, if it weren’t for the pandemic, I never would have known that word. For this period, frontline workers refer to all heal... Read More...
Jo's Devotions: The Grateful Therapy

Jo’s Devotions: The Grateful Therapy

In the heat of the pandemic year 2020 has been plagued with, one thing you will find in relative abundance is inspirational and motivational articles. Everyone would agree that we need some uplifting content to... Read More...
Jo's Devotions: A Christian Racist?

Jo’s Devotions: A Christian Racist?

Of all the things that I’m passionate about, this wasn’t even on my list because I had no idea it even existed. I always defined racists in my head as people who do not understand and have not experienced the l... Read More...
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