Ian Zumback - The Story Behind The Table Cover // Join Ian Zumback at "The Table"

Join Ian Zumback at “The Table”

There is something soul- stirring about music that comes with an honest message. It’s almost depressing, yet at the same time it’s comforting because someone else can relate to our deepest emotions. Ian Zumback... Read More...

Review: David Dunn – Yellow Balloons

BEC Records artist David Dunn releases his second album on February 17th, 2017. His 2015 release of “Crystal Clear” was sonically innovative and lyrically challenging. For this release, Dunn continues to expand... Read More...
Live Video: Andrew Marcus - You Are With Me

Review: Andrew Marcus – Constant

Releasing in Canada on July 29th and the United States on August 12th is Constant, by BEC artist Andrew Marcus. Known for his worship music, Marcus has toured around Europe and Canada, where he leads worship in... Read More...