Review: Poetic Descent - Shallow Graves

Review: Poetic Descent – Shallow Graves

Poetic Descent has just released a new single, “Shallow Graves,” featuring Paul Carnahan on vocals today. Penned by Jared Lacy, the lyrics are deep and thought-provoking. We often try to run from our sins and t... Read More...
Review: Nate Parrish - I'm A Wreck

Review: Nate Parrish – I’m A Wreck

I’m A Wreck is the debut album from Kutless guitar player, Nate Parrish.  He has his own unique sound, and draws upon his punk rock influences.  I’m a Wreck is full of catchy melodies and guitar hooks, and the ... Read More...

RED Delivers with The Evening Hate

RED is back with a fantastic new EP titled The Evening Hate.  It sounds new and fresh, but still has that signature RED sound, with strings woven throughout. The title track kicks things off, subdued a... Read More...
Random Hero Announce Tension Album - Random Hero Addresses The Tension

Random Hero Addresses The Tension

The last several records have proven that Random Hero truly has what it takes to secure a solid presence in the Christian rock industry, but they have absolutely hit it out of the park on Tension.  The producti... Read More...
Egypt Speaks: Reflections of a Wanderer

Egypt Speaks: Reflections of a Wanderer

Spoken word artist Egypt Speaks is back with a new album, and her artistry and skills are at top form, showing growth as a person and an artist.  The aptly named Wanderer explores the experiences, emotion... Read More...
Faith Head Release Genesys EP To Digital Outlets

Faith Head Delivers the Rock with Genesys

Faith Head has recently released Genesys, their second offering to the realm of Christian rock, and it delivers. The EP opens with title track “Genesys.”  It starts mysteriously, like a dark and stormy nigh... Read More...
Egypt Speaks Announces Wanderer Album

Egypt Speaks Announces Wanderer Album

Spoken word extraordinaire Egypt Speaks has just announced her new album.  Wanderer is set to release on June 14th, and it's currently available for pre-order.  Be sure to stay Plugged In to hear the... Read More...
Theody Speaks About New EP Preview - Travesty

Theody Speaks About New Preview EP

We recently had the chance to speak with Theody about their new Preview EP.  Check out our interview to read about the new EP, the story behind the music video for their new song Reignite, their dream collabora... Read More...
Theody Offers Hope With Prelude

Theody Offers Hope With Prelude

Theody is back with another rocking EP, filled with crunchy guitar riffs, strong, sure vocals, and creative lyrics.  The beginning of “Reticence” has a bit of an orchestral feel, the strings resounding strong a... Read More...