Caleb Hyles’ “UNPARALYZED” Featuring Teerawk (aka Trevor McNevan) of Thousand Foot Krutch Releases on Judge And Jury Records

Rock News Roundup 200

Hey rockers and welcome to our 200th Rock News Roundup!! It’s been an honor for me to write these roundups for the past 4 years. (I’ll be writing more than normal in celebration! Bear with me haha) Check below to see what your favorite rock artists are up to this week.

HolyName and Heal the Hurt gave many of us in this scene an outlet to feel heard when it comes to religious trauma/drama by releasing “Stained Glass”. You can learn more via the press release here and listen to the song below. Many people (me included) feel jaded by “American Christianity”. We are already the underdogs because of our music, fashion, and entertainment preferences. We are too Christian for the world, and not enough for many in the church. I feel like there isn’t a single person in this scene who hasn’t been through unfair judgment from Christians. Some of said judgment may have come from church leadership. But it doesn’t just stop there. We also have television mega churches with their satellite campuses with a love of money and fame rather than love of preaching the gospel. The lies of the enemy will want to discredit the faith as a whole because of those who have hurt you or who give a fake gospel. But we must hold fast to the faith! “Self-righteous charlatan. I won’t stand for your hypocrisy. No more deception from reality. Like shards of broken glass. We’ll break through. Shatter the lies and be made new. All good things are found in You”.

Caleb Hyles continues his incredible collabs with notable rock musicians by dropping “Unparalyzed” featuring Trevor McNevan (of TFK). Check out the press release here and the single below. I can hear the different lyrical influences involved and how well they work together! I love this line the most “I’ve been so afraid of heights; forget I was made to fly!”. We all allow ourselves to feel frozen at times, unable to move forward out of fear. Fear for the unknown, for doing something new, failing, looking dumb, people judging you, etc. But greatness happens when we push past that fear, when we become “unparalyzed”.  Unparalyzed will have a music video dropping this Friday! 

These Beautiful Ruins dropped a music video for their latest single “I Will Rise”. I always love good symbolism, and seeing doors in the middle of woods is a good one for sure! The instrumentals of the song uplifts and empowers what is already powerful vocals. Check out the music video below! “Broken Dreams, silent screams. I won’t let them drag me down.”

Behold The Beloved will be dropping an announcement for us this Wednesday (July 10th) about their upcoming single “Powerplay”. See their post about that here! If you haven’t heard their already released latest single “Toxic Lullabies”, check it out below!

Micah Ariss dropped a music video for “Even If No One Believes”. Boy, does this hit close to home or what? Anyone who goes after a dream instead of a typical 9 to 5 job life is going to feel this in their souls. But as a Christian I know that so long as I know I’m called somewhere, there is where I’ll be, regardless of if it makes sense to others or not. Check out the music video below! 

Islander dropped their latest album “Grammy Nominated”, which debuted at #3 on Apple Music charts. Check out more on that via the press release here! With my first play through, I’m feeling “Psalm of Eternia” as my favorite at this time. As many of you know, I’m more of a rocker than a metalhead, but I’ve been slowly testing the waters of metal/”unclean vocals” the past couple years. The band Heal the Hurt has recently busted the genre wide open for me! Then I see Islander for the first time (twice within days apart from each other), and man do I have so much respect for them. If you haven’t seen them live, you are missing out! Check out Grammy Nominated and then see Islander live while they are on the Kenotic Metanoia Tour with Lacey Sturm right now.

Speaking of Lacey Sturm’s tour, Lacey Sturm‘s Kenotic Metanoia Deluxe Edition is out now! One of the things on the deluxe edition is a second song that features Lindsey Sterling called “Forever & Ever”. Check out that below and be sure to check out the whole album wherever you stream/buy music! On top of that, Lacey also did a livestream event for SiriusXM Octane. You can check that video out below too! 

Memphis May Fire dropped a music video for their new single “Paralyzed”. The way in which Matty sings “Night after night. Hear my soul keep saying Fight for your life. But my will feels wasted” is fiiiire! I somehow still haven’t seen MMF live yet, that needs to be fixed soon. Check out the music video below!

Throwback song of the week is Future Nostalgia by Islander. 

That ends this week’s rock news roundup. Thanks for tuning into our 200th roundup and extra thanks if you read the whole thing! (you get a cookie!) I hope you all have a great rest of your week and may God bless and keep you all!

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