Ciara Joins Forces With Hulvey For Remix Of Altar

Ciara Joins Forces With Hulvey For Remix Of Altar

Ciara, the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, and global icon has teamed up with Christian hip-hop breakthrough artist, Hulvey for a powerful remix of his hit single “Altar,” released everywhere on June 21, 2024. This collaboration marks a significant moment in both artists’ careers, blending Ciara’s dynamic presence in the music industry with Hulvey’s rising influence in Christian music.

Listen to Hulvey’s  “Altar (Remix)” ft. Ciara now.

The original “Altar” single was immediately praised by listeners across social media who quickly turned the song into a dynamic and relevant worship anthem for this generation. The song organically garnered over 500,000 creates on social media, and climbed up the Hot Christian Songs chart, garnering over 60M streams. Altar became Hulvey’s biggest release in 2023, leading him to become Billboards’ #2 Top New Christian Artist. The song’s widespread success reached Ciara, whose decision to use the song in her family’s Easter post this year sparked a genuine connection with Hulvey, leading to their collaboration on this remix.

Known for her chart-topping hits and electrifying performances, Ciara brings her distinct vocal style and musical expertise to “Altar,” enhancing its message of faith and personal transformation. With a social media following that extends her influence beyond music, Ciara’s involvement underscores the song’s reach and impact on a global scale.

Expressing her excitement about joining forces with Hulvey, Ciara shared, “When I first heard ‘Altar,’ I was moved by its powerful message and knew I wanted to share it with my followers. Collaborating with Hulvey on this remix has been a meaningful experience, and I believe our partnership will inspire listeners and uplift hearts.”

Hulvey added, “Working with Ciara on this has been incredible. She’s been so humble throughout the process and I’m beyond grateful to share this moment with her. My hope is that it reaches people who are searching for purpose and hope. ”

Fans can anticipate more from Hulvey in 2024, as he gears up to release his highly anticipated new album. Teasing the upcoming release, Hulvey remarked, “I’ve been hard at work on my next album and the fans have been sticking with me through the process. I’ve recorded my last vocal, and it will be coming sooner than you think.”

The remix of “Altar” featuring Ciara is available on all major music streaming platforms now. This release not only celebrates the synergy between two acclaimed artists but also underscores their shared dedication to creating music that resonates spiritually and emotionally.

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