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Mr. Weaverface Releases New Single “Above All Names”

Independent Christian rock musician, Mr. Weaverface, announces his newest release, “Above All Names.” The song is about the power of Jesus’ name and the life-changing transformation that happens to anyone who calls on the name of Jesus.

Mr. Weaverface suffered from addiction for many years, tormented with the “mental health” struggles caused by demonic torment such as anxiety, bi-polar mood swings, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks and fear. In Mr. Weaverface’s most desperate time of need, he called on the name of Jesus, who showed up and rescued Mr. Weaverface from a repressed life caused by evil.

Now living a life of freedom, Mr. Weaverface writes music containing the truth of God’s Word combined with his personal supernatural experiences in order to share the realities of spiritual warfare and that there is hope to those who feel life is hopeless. His primary goal is to lead listeners of his music to Jesus.

“Above All Names” is a follow-up to his previous releases “These Lungs” and “Thorn In My Flesh.” For more information about Mr. Weaverface, visit his website below.

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SOURCE: Brendon Weaver