Nitro X and Reuben Cameron Release New Single "Take Control"

Nitro X and Reuben Cameron Release New Single “Take Control”

Rising music producer and artist Nitro X released his latest single, “Take Control,” on June 28th. This track is a collaborative effort with Reuben Cameron.

“Take Control” delves into the profound theme of being a bondservant of Christ, inspired by verses like Galatians 2:20, and Proverbs 3:5-6. The lyrics express a deep desire to surrender to God’s guidance, let go of personal control, and acknowledge the need for his sovereign reign in every aspect of our lives, not just over the parts that we find easy or pleasing to give up. The chorus is catchy and upbeat, making it the perfect addition to any summer Christian playlist.
With its anthemic summer vibe and a strong emphasis on vibrant guitars, “Take Control” is reminiscent of artists such as The Young Escape, Jordan Feliz, NOTD, and Joseph O’Brien.

“Take Control” promises to be a standout track, combining heartfelt lyrics with an energetic melody that captures the essence of faith and devotion.

Listen to it below and be sure to add “Take Control” to your favourite playlist. Stay tuned for more updates and follow Nitro X on his musical journey.

About Nitro X: Nitro X, the solo christian EDM project from Owen Bloomfield, a talented music producer and artist from Vernon, B.C., Canada. With a passion for Christian pop and EDM, Owen hopes to bring a fresh and unique sound to the christian pop space, for younger audiences to enjoy.

About Reuben Cameron: Reuben Cameron is a multi-talented musician who handles every aspect of his music, from mixing to playing all the instruments. Starting his musical journey at age 7 on drums, he later added guitar, bass, and piano. After performing in a family band, he transitioned to music production and songwriting, initially working on remixes and collaborations. His debut album, “Symphonia,” showcased his instrumental skills, followed by his vocal album “Come Back.” Influenced by English and Aussie music, Reuben creates contemporary, catchy tunes and soulful ballads that take listeners on a lyrical journey.

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SOURCE: Nitro X Music