My Five Favourite Lyrics Lately

My Five Favourite Lyrics Lately

Some lyrics just stand out more than others. Here are the 5 sets of lyrics which have hit me lately… (let me know what lyrics you’re loving lately in the comments below or on social media)

The ProtestTake It Back

I’m a glutton for the backlash
My King took 39 from a whiplash
So go ahead and throw your stones
Out of all the underdogs i’m the leader of the Wolfpack


I wanna have
Slow feet, slow plans
Steadfast in patience
Rid me of my quickness
I’ll be soon to listen
It seems as though the slower I go
The faster I arrive

Leanna CrawfordStill Waters (Psalm 23)

Great Aunt Maurine said at a hundred and three
Write scripture on your heart for when you need it
Cause anxiety hates Psalm 23
So just say it to yourself ’til you believe it
And I’m feeling like I’m needing it right now

Personal note: Repeating Psalm 23:1 over and over ad infinitum as I paced anxiously up and down my living room trying to find the courage to leave my house, and then every time I successfully left the house, was one of the 2 major ways I (and God!!) defeated the grip anxiety had over my life. (So anxiety really does hate Psalm 23!!)

The Lord is my Shepherd. I lack NOTHING! (and He’s your Shepherd too, and you lack NOTHING too!)

WILKESLoosen My Grip

I’ve held my past in my hands, white knuckles,
for way too long, it’s too much
my knees shiver and might buckle,
but to let it go is too tough
I need to loosen my grip

can I please move on just for once?

Jet Trouble – Way Out

Show me I don’t have to have control,
Because I tend to step into that role,
And tell you how things are going to go