New Duo BLVRS Unveils Debut Single "BEHIND THE SCENES" in Collaboration with Anthem X and Mass Anthem

BLVRS Unveil Debut “BEHIND THE SCENES” ft. Anthem X & Mass Anthem

BLVRS, the new dynamic duo consisting of producer Owen Bloomfield (Nitro X) and vocalist Jordan Blaine (formerly known as JSteph), is proud to announce the release of their debut single, “BEHIND THE SCENES,” in collaboration with Anthem X and Mass Anthem. The song, written by Jordan Blaine and produced by Owen Bloomfield (Nitro X), marks a significant milestone for them in the Christian Pop/EDM genre.

Drawing from their previous successful collaborations on songs like “MORE THAN LIFE” and “WONT LET GO,” Nitro X and JSteph bring their collective talents to “BEHIND THE SCENES.” The track, characterized by its Future Bass sound, explores themes of redemption, overcoming fear, and finding solace in God’s unwavering presence instead of trying to do things on our own.

With its heartfelt lyrics and infectious melody, “BEHIND THE SCENES” resonates with audiences of all ages, offering a message of hope and encouragement. Produced with meticulous attention to detail, the song showcases the duo’s commitment to delivering high-quality music that inspires and uplifts.

“BEHIND THE SCENES” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Join BLVRS, Anthem X, and Mass Anthem as we create music to glorify Jesus.

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