Maryanne J. George, Former Member Of Maverick City Music, Unveils New Anthem “Labor” Just In Time For Mother’s Day

Maryanne J. George, Former Member Of Maverick City Music, Unveils New Anthem “Labor” Just In Time For Mother’s Day

Grammy award-winning artist Maryanne J. George, recognized from her time with the award-winning worship collective, Maverick City Music, is embarking on her solo endeavor with the release of her brand new independent track “Labor,”  available starting today, May 10, just in time for Mother’s Day. This powerful song encapsulates the journey of womanhood and personal growth, making it a perfect anthem for mothers and women everywhere.

“ ‘Labor’ not only encapsulates matrescence, but also confronts cultural and societal expectations placed on women,” explains the powerhouse vocalist. “One of the promises I made myself was that I was going to provide a better life for my child; one with more freedom and opportunity. I want my daughter to live unafraid of walls and boxes she might be placed under. My desire is that this song sparks conversations between women from all generations… how have we equipped women to live their most authentic lives, unafraid? ‘Labor’ also takes into account childhood wounds. Moriah’s very existence heals me. I find redemption in the whole process of being a mother. I look into her eyes and I see myself. I can approach myself with more compassion and grace. Loving her frees me to love myself well.”

Written by Maryanne herself, and produced by Stephen Blake Kanicka (Kanye West, For KING & COUNTRY)), “Labor” dives deep into the theme of expanding one’s mind and allowing women to embrace their identities fully. Maryanne’s lyrics beautifully capture the transformative process of childbirth, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

She pulls from personal experience when she became a mother herself a little over two years ago. She felt through her own experience, she became ‘reborn’, where the act of giving birth not only brings forth new life but also leads to a rediscovery of self—a multifaceted and empowered version. Maryanne candidly shares her journey, from moments of doubt and regret during labor to the profound joy and empowerment she experiences afterward.

“Labor” is more than a song; it’s a celebration of resilience, self-discovery, and the power of saying “yes” to one’s identity and aspirations.

Maryanne J. George is a dynamic worship leader/songwriter/musician who is passionate about encountering the Lord through worship. In October 2021, Maryanne released her debut EP titled Not Just Stories, and it charted nationally. She was previously partnered with Maverick City Music, and is now currently focused on venturing out into her solo work.  Maryanne is also a nationally certified clinical mental health therapist, and has led a number of seminars and workshops on the importance of maintaining mental health, and the role of worship in mental health. She longs for people to see the goodness of God, and embrace their true identity as sons and daughters of Christ.

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