Convictions Unveils Apocalyptic Anthem "Four Horses"

Convictions Unveils Apocalyptic Anthem “Four Horses”

Convictions released their latest single “Four Horses” on April 12. The track is now streaming everywhere at

“Four Horses” promises to be a seismic event in Convictons’ discography, showcasing their signature blend of raw energy, introspective lyricism and unrelenting passion. The band delivers a haunting narrative that delves into themes of revelation, tribulation and the relentless struggle against darkness. With thunderous instrumentals, Convictions paints a vivid picture of an apocalyptic landscape where chaos reigns and humanity hangs in the balance.

The lyrics of “Four Horses” cut deep, exploring existential dread and a battle for redemption in the face of overwhelming adversity. From the gripping imagery of “split serpent’s tongue spitting blood” to the chilling proclamation that “everyone will die,” Convictions holds nothing back as they fearlessly confront internal and external darkness.

Lead vocalist Michael Felker delivers a powerhouse performance, his vocals soaring over a backdrop of blistering guitars and towering drums. Each word is imbued with a sense of urgency and conviction, drawing listeners into a world on the brink of collapse.

“‘Four Horses’ is more than just a song — it’s a sonic journey through the apocalypse,” explains Felker. “We wanted to capture the raw intensity of that moment, the feeling of standing on the edge of oblivion and choosing to fight back. It’s a song about resilience, about finding hope in the darkest of times.”

As “Four Horses” gallops into the hearts and minds of listeners, Convictions continues to solidify their place as one of the most compelling voices in modern metalcore. With their unwavering dedication to authenticity and their unapologetic exploration of the human experience, Convictions stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the world.

“Four Horses” is available on all major streaming platforms as of April 12. Experience this epic tale of defiance and redemption from Convictions at Stay up to date on upcoming events, singles and more at

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