Stephanie Owens: Stepping into the Light with "Faithful Father"

Stephanie Owens: Stepping into the Light with “Faithful Father”

In the ever-evolving world of Christian music, Stephanie Owens emerges as a beacon of hope and authenticity, with her latest single “Faithful Father” marking a significant milestone in her career. With a background that bridges country music, pop influences, and a deep-seated love for contemporary Christian music (CCM), Owens’s journey is a testament to the power of faith and the pursuit of one’s God-given purpose.

Born into a family of musicians and finding her voice at an early age, Owens’s path seemed divinely orchestrated. From her early days recording for Veggie Tales to her starring role in the movie Finding Faith, her talents have always been underpinned by a strong faith and a desire to inspire others. After a successful stint in country music, where she garnered attention from CMT and national television, Owens felt a calling to pivot towards Christian and worship music. This shift reflects not just a change in genre but a deeper alignment with her core mission—to embolden others to live for Jesus’s glory.

“Faithful Father”, is more than just a song; it’s a declaration of God’s unwavering faithfulness. Co-written and co-produced with Grammy-and-Dove nominated AJ Pruis, the single signifies Owens’s full embrace of her unique sound—a blend of country charm, pop sensibility, and the heartfelt sincerity of worship music. Owens describes her sound as “sweet with a little spunk,” showcasing a blend of influences that makes her music both accessible and deeply moving.

The song itself is born out of a period of uncertainty and global turmoil, inspired by the steadfastness of God amidst life’s storms. “Faithful Father” is a worship anthem that celebrates the unchanging character of God, offering comfort and peace to listeners navigating their own challenges.

The lyric video for “Faithful Father” is a visual extension of the song’s message, featuring scenic landscapes that echo the song’s lyrical imagery. Owens, who has a background in dance, adds a unique touch with a lyrical dance performance in the upcoming official music video (releasing March 22nd at 6pm cst), emphasizing worship’s physical expression. This creative choice not only highlights her versatility as an artist but also connects with the biblical tradition of dance as worship.

As Stephanie Owens continues to work on new music, her story is a reminder of the transformative power of aligning one’s talents with their divine calling. “Faithful Father” is not just a single release; it’s a milestone in Owens’s journey to inspire and encourage others through music. With her compelling voice, infectious energy, and unwavering faith, Owens is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the world of Christian music.

For fans and newcomers alike, “Faithful Father” offers a glimpse into the heart of an artist dedicated to spreading hope and the truth of the Gospel through her music. As Owens steps into this new chapter, her story encourages us all to find our purpose in God’s greater story, reminding us that through faith, we can navigate life’s storms with confidence in the Father’s faithful presence.

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