Darius Mullin Drops First Solo Release Since 2020 - Emily Dickinson Freestyle

Darius Mullin Drops First Solo Release Since 2020 – Emily Dickinson Freestyle

There are times when a hiatus is needed, either by choice or by circumstance, but it does not mean that we are to be gone forever. Christ retreated to a place of solitude in order to spend time with the Father and prepare himself for the journey ahead. In the wake of some major life changes a few years ago, Darius Mullin found himself acclimating to a new role and all that would be required. It made creating new music difficult.

“I found myself in the midst of a longstanding slump of writer’s block. After being frustrated for some time, I finally had the idea to hit up Daniel and see if he had any beats laying around that I could write to. Not only did this successfully break the writer’s block, but it resulted in my first solo release since 2020.” – Darius Mullin

“Emily Dickinson Freestyle” hit digital streaming platforms on April 23, 2024.

While waiting on God’s timing can be difficult, the results are often beyond what we can imagine. That is certainly true of the Tennessee-based Darius Mullin and his first single since his acclaimed “Ozymandias” release in 2020.

Emily Dickinson Freestyle is an energy-packed, face-slapping release of tension.

Mullin presents himself on the record in a way that introduces listeners to a new side of who he is as an artist. Influenced by the heavy-hitters in the boom-bap sound of hip hop, Mullin combines the angst and emotion often associated with the rock genre in order to create an unforgettable two-minute listening experience.

For those who may be hearing Darius Mullin for the first time, be sure to flip through his back catalog and add Emily Dickinson Freestyle to your favorite playlist!

About Darius Mullin
Darius Mullin is a rapper, writer, and musician from Jackson, Tennessee. He started writing and performing hip-hop in his early teens after being introduced to the medium by his dad, a seminary professor. He has been told, on occasion, that his style is reminiscent of Shai Linne, Propaganda, or John Reuben–we’ll let you decide the accuracy of those comparisons for yourself! Although his original music is primarily hip-hop, he also appreciates the opportunity to play some folk music or indie rock with local acts.

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