Resurrection Records launches ministry-minded rock and rap artists into the spotlight

Founded by artist Aaron Michaels, Resurrection Records sets out to change the label paradigm

New record label Resurrection Records is putting the focus back on ministry first with its carefully curated roster of rock and rap artists.

As an artist himself, label founder Aaron Michaels knows firsthand how impactful ministry-minded music can be. “I have been inspired to start this label by listening to other artists’ testimonies,” he explains. “I know how they have reached me. I wanted to help get their testimonies out there so they can change other people’s lives and help turn the lost to Christ.”

Michaels’ partners at Broadhead Music Group taught and encouraged him along the way as he nurtured his fledgling hope of starting a label of his own. Finally, it felt like an undeniable calling.

“I really feel like God was telling me to do this label. He has been putting the pieces together, one person at a time,” the rock artist says. “There are so many things I am still learning, but one thing I know is that God will guide you if you listen, if you are obedient to his calling on your life. I am just trying to be faithful to the call.”

The culture that forms the foundation of Resurrection Records is based on some scriptural values: a ministry-first mindset, collaborative spirit, excellence in craft, prayer and mutual support and a willingness to work hard. Together, these principles allow for a uniquely missional approach to a record label’s operation.

“I think what the Christian music industry needs right now is ministry. Not being ashamed of their faith and beliefs,” Michaels says simply. “Jesus is the answer, and that needs to be known in our songs, our interviews, in everything that we do and say.”

The current roster includes B-Wade, Tricord, 3 Days Under, Becoming Sons, Crimson Overtone, Reborn, Stars Will Fall, Big Rev., Stained Red, Trey Tate, Damac and Aaron Michaels. Many of these bands will have releases coming throughout 2024. 

You can learn more about Resurrection Records at, where you can join their mailing list. You can also follow their official Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Mary Nikkel Media