Nate Parrish lets us reassure those we’ve lost: “I’m Alright”

“I’m Alright” is the latest release from the punk artist’s forthcoming third studio album

Nate Parrish is offering reassurance to those we may have lost with his new single “I’m Alright,” the latest release from his forthcoming third album. “I’m Alright” is available on all major streaming platforms now, which you can find at

“‘I’m Alright’ is that song you wish you could sing to the person you wrote it for,” Nate Parrish explains. “It’s a letter to someone you lost letting them know you’re OK, that life has been hard but full of so many blessings. I wrote this song as if I was sitting in front of that person, filling them in on what’s been going on in my life since we last saw each other, letting them know I’m alright.”

“I’m Alright” was produced by Josiah Prince (Disciple), mixed by Darren King (Project 86) and mastered by Sam Moses (Haste the Day). It’s released in partnership with boutique label Fair Vaux Records, with distribution through Steadfast Records.

Despite tapping a bigger creative team than on his first two albums, “I’m Alright” still largely leans on instrumentation provided by Parrish himself. This hands-on ethic has come to define the longtime guitarist’s work, playing into his credibility as a punk artist.

“I’m Alright” follows “Bad Excuse,” which was released earlier this year. Both songs are slowly building expectations for Nate Parrish’s third studio album.

“This song fits into the larger theme of the album, which is centered around mountains,” Parrish reveals. “Some mountains we move, some we don’t, and sometimes? You need to become the mountain.”

Nathan Parrish will continue to release songs leading into the album later this year. He also promises more live shows and collaborations to come.

As an experienced guitarist with a history playing for rock worship bands Worth Dying For and Kutless, Nate has continually offered a unique blend of musical exploration and thoughtful, spiritually sensitive lyrics that prod at our culture in the interest of drawing us a little closer to Christ. You can find Nate Parrish on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow him on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Source: Mary Nikkel Media