Caleb Hyles: Rising Above Uncharted Waters

Caleb Hyles: Rising Above Uncharted Waters (Never Back Down ft. Manafest Out Now)

Texas native YouTuber Caleb Hyles is making his way up the rock charts once again capturing both the secular and non-secular audiences with his new single “Never Back Down” featuring Manafest.

“Never Back Down” is Caleb Hyles’ fourth single release from his upcoming album with the independent record label Judge & Jury, founded and produced by Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson.  This recent single echoes the sounds of hard rock and metal from a perspective of faith, perseverance, strength, and motivation.

Caleb Hyles explains, ““Never Back Down” is an anthemic call-to-arms for all those who are tired of feeling like they’re stuck in place, sinking to the bottom, or never feeling like they are “enough”. The song cries out to a generation that has given up on one another and themselves; daring us to break the status-quo through faith, perseverance, and choosing to trust.”

Joining Caleb on this single is Canadian rapper and rock artist, Manafest, who has historical success in the Christian music industry. Throughout his career Manafest has had five #1 singles on Christian Rock Radio, making him the ideal artist to collaborate with Caleb for a song that embodies such powerful themes of belief and faith. The two artists’ vocals complement one another so well to deliver an emotional and resounding message of never backing down despite circumstances that try to engulf us.

Although Judge & Jury is not a religious record label, Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson support diverse, authentic talent and creativity. Howard Benson has a history of working with Christian artists and bands – such as Skillet, P.O.D, Flyleaf, Third Day, and RED. Benson’s Christian success includes Skillet’s song “Monster”, which is the biggest selling Christian Rock single of all time. Thus, Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson’s decision to work with Caleb and Manafest together on this single is for a specific purpose in promoting a song with a spiritual message through a mainstream appeal. Caleb’s and Manafest’s faith in God is truly the anchor to their musical artistry. “Never Back Down” is a prevailing anthem drawing inspiration from the Scriptures in 2 Timothy 1:7 and 1 John 4:18.

“The song encourages embracing faith, perseverance, and trust amidst societal pressures. It highlights the empowering nature of God’s spirit and the transformative force of love, urging listeners to confront challenges with courage and confidence.” declares Caleb Hyles.

Whether listeners believe in God or not, the message of “Never Back Down” is transformative from the instrumentals, lyrics, and vocals in remaining hopeful for the future.

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