3 New Hauntingly Beautiful Songs Your Soul Needs To Hear

3 New Hauntingly Beautiful Songs Your Soul Needs To Hear

Music has a way of saying the words we can’t find, it echoes and amplifies our internal screams and provides a soothing cathartic healing all at the same time. Here’s 3 new songs which are the epitomy of “hauntingly beautiful” and songs your soul needs to hear. I pray they help soothe your souls and maybe even begin the healing process…

Rachel Platten – Mercy

“This song is more than just lyrics and melodies; it’s a diary entry, a glimpse into my soul, a cathartic release, a desperate plea, and a powerful realization. Writing this song took on a life of its own. Revealing the truth behind pain, and allowing me to accept that both the dark and the light can co-exsist. I love this song with my whole being and it truly saved my life. I hope it heals you as much as it has healed me.” – Rachel Platten

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Maria Rose & Song House – Drunk Again

“It’s now Maria’s mission to help others find grace and peace during unimaginable darkness.” – Song House

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Anne Wilson – Rain In The Rearview

“This is a song about moving forward; moving forward from grief; moving forward from heartbreak and from pain in our lives,” said Wilson. “There’s a bible verse that I love that talks about how ‘weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.’ (Psalms 30:5-7) I think sometimes we get so stuck in the storms we are in, and it can look so hopeless like it’s never going to end. I’ve been there. I felt that way when I lost my brother six years ago. I’ve shed my share of tears, and I still cry sometimes. I’ve had days when I wondered if I’d ever know joy again, but I’m learning how to keep moving forward; taking God’s hand and letting him take the wheel, and I’m learning there’s always a reason to wake up and face another day knowing that no matter what storm I’m facing this too shall pass. And someday when the rain from that storm I’ve faced is in my rearview, I’ll look back and smile because I’m stronger for it and because I know who got me through it.”

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I really hope those songs helped you in some way. Check back soon for more music discovery articles and let us know in the comments about what hauntingly beautiful songs you’re loving lately; you never know, they may end up in future articles! There will be plenty more soul food song articles in the future (one may or may not already be starting to compile itself…)

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