Allie Murphy Releases New Single Do Not Worry

Allie Murphy Releases New Single Do Not Worry

Do not worry, do not fear. There are for sure times in my life where this message has not felt like enough. There was no bone in my body that could make myself not worry. In a deep season of anxiety and panic attacks I wrote a song about it. It just flowed out of me. Everything around me was crumbling, and I so desperately wanted to not worry about it. Here’s the struggle. The problem with the world’s message of “do not worry” is that we’re left to figure out how not to worry on our own. Even coffee mugs bearing the “do not worry” phrase seem to taunt us in the seasons when we cannot focus our mind on what it is true.

Over the past year, I have dug deeper into the “do not worry” passages of scripture, and this is what I noticed. You see, God in his word, does not tell us to not worry without also pairing it with a promise. Do not worry, do not fear, for I am with you. Do not fear, for I will uphold you. Do not fear, for I have called you by name you are mine. Do not worry, for I have declared you a place with me forever.

And after digging into a season of seeking out his word and meeting recovery along the way, with help from therapy, I have felt compelled to push this song forward to you now. This song is for those seasons of life when “do not worry” is not enough. The chorus of the songs quotes the passage from John 14 when Jesus says: my peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you.

And this gives me hope. I pray it gives you hope too. We forget that he is with us. We forget that peace alone comes from Christ and his salvation and his spirit within.

We will forget friend, but He will remind us. And it’s there, in the broken heap, when He whispers in our ear that he is with us and we need not worry.

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