6 New Christian Pop Songs To Check Out

6 New Christian Pop Songs To Check Out

Here are 6 of the newest Christian pop songs out now which we highly recommend…

Matthew Parker x Sam Bowman – Weatherboy

“We put a ton of care into the details of this song, trying to paint a soundscape that practically immerses you in the weather itself. This is the first non-experimental MP x Sam Bowman song, so we hope you love it, gain a whole experience from it, and learn how to navigate the weather outside and the weather inside your mind.” – Matthew Parker

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Joseph O’Brien – Something Different

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Rachael Lampa – High Hopes

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Connor Price x Forrest Frank – UP!

Stream | Connect: Connor PriceForrest Frank | (Pop/CHH!)

Sam Bowman – LANCELOT

“Let’s do things differently this time. The next chapter has begun.” – Sam Bowman

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Owl City – Car Trouble

“Who knew a flat tire on a fishing trip would turn into the new single “Car Trouble?”” – Owl City

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Check back soon for more great Christian pop releases, and let us know in the comments about what pop songs you’re loving lately; you never know, they may end up in future articles!

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