Disciple releases music video for chart-topping mental health anthem “Promise to Live”

Disciple releases music video for chart-topping mental health anthem “Promise to Live”

The band partners with HeartSupport to offer hope to those struggling with their mental health

Christian rock mainstay Disciple has debuted a music video for their song “Promise to Live,” a powerfully hopeful single that topped CMW’s rock chart for 16 consecutive weeks and garnered a GMA Dove Award nomination. You can watch the music video below.

The music video was filmed by director Joel Burris last year on Winter Jam Tour, where Disciple performed the song in over 40 arenas nationwide. The video includes part of a spoken message as well, adding power to the song’s resolute call to death-defying hope. 

“Promise to Live” is found on Skeleton Psalms, the band’s 13th studio album. The track was cowritten by Kevin Young (vocals), Josiah Prince (guitar) and Andrew Stanton (guitar).

“The idea for ‘Promise to Live’ was birthed out of an old message I used to give,” Disciple frontman and founder Kevin Young shares. “It’s the idea that we all are in this world together, and are all in recovery together, from the trauma of this world and this life. We’re not fighting alone. We’re fighting together. We make this promise to God and to each other: to not give up. To not lose hope. To not give up fighting. To live for the most precious gift we have, which is life.”

He continues, “When we’re in our addiction state, or just irrational state, where we’re listening to our emotions, we’ll make all kinds of crazy decisions. But right now, while we’re in this rational state, right now when we’re thinking clearly, we’re going to take this option off of the table. Suicide is one of those things. We’re going to take it off the table and just make a promise to live.”

In the year since its release, the song has prompted an outpouring of fan stories as the lyrics meet listeners in their hardest moments. Looking at the hashtag #Ipromisetolive on Instagram reveals a flood of moving fan stories. 

For the music video, the band is making sure that anyone who can relate to the struggles voiced in “Promise to Live” has support. They’re teaming up with HeartSupport, where fans can go to receive immediate mental health support in their moments of need. The band and the nonprofit are partnering for a limited edition “Promise to Live” merch drop, with proceeds supporting the work of HeartSupport. You can get your shirt at https://heartsupportmerch.com/. (Available for 48 hours only!)

Disciple will be bringing “Promise to Live” out on the road on their Spring leg of the SkeleTour, featuring a rotating cast of supporting bands including The Protest, Spoken, Decyfer Down, and speaker Ryan Ries. You can find all tour dates at disciplerocks.com/tour. You can connect with Disciple and join their core group of supporters, The Rebel Society, at https://linktr.ee/disciplerocks

If you or someone you know is in immediate crisis, dial 988. For more support, go to heartsupport.com/anonymous-forum.

Source: Mary Nikkel Media