Rock News Roundup 181

Hey rockers and welcome back to this week’s rock news roundup! Check below to see what your favorite rock artists are up to this week. 

Theoterran shared a reel tease. Check it out here! New tunes? We shall see!

Classic Disaster just dropped a sick song called “Broken System”. I appreciate it when bands create a lyric video and/or lyrics in the description like they did with this song. Some of my favorite lyrics are “I’m done with all your lies. So sick of all the times you used me. To get what you don’t deserve”. I can relate to this song, as I’ve been used by and lied to by people more than once. Check out the song below!

Reborn shared they have been working on new music and that they have news to release in February. Check out more on that here!

XIII Minutes announced new music is coming out this spring. Check out their post on that here!

Where Were We Again is a podcast started by a fellow photographer, Andrew Bernabe. His latest podcast has Zahna as a guest, but he’s had other awesome guests as well. Check out his post about Zahna via here and be sure to take a listen! 

The Protest gave us a sneak peek of the process of recording new tunes via photos. Check out their post on that here! While talking about The Protest, they are going on tour with Spoken and they still have a couple spots open. Check out their post via here. As for me, I’ll be at the VA date! Let me know if I’ll see you there!

The Protest Releases Ferocious Death Stare EP

The throwback song of the week is “Offend” by Jodi Essex. I cannot believe it’s already been over 2 years since it came out! I play this song on my phone all the time. Check out the music video for it below!

That ends this week’s rock news roundup. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and may God bless and keep you all!

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