Ian Yates Releases Battlelands EP + Ian Yates Releases We'll Be Alright & Ian Yates' Prodigal Son Inspired Home Single Out Now

Ian Yates Releases Battlelands EP

‘Battlelands’ – A phrase you say to someone if you don’t know the answer to a question or didn’t even understand the question in the first place.

Ian Yates says – “I came across the phrase ‘Battlelands’ and loved what it meant, I was inspired by the word and the idea that there are a lot of answers I don’t have. ‘I don’t know’ is a valid answer for me now. 

This is really ‘Deconstruction’ Vol 2. These songs were written for the ‘Between the Joy and the Sorrow’ project, we recorded them, yet felt they didn’t fit that project. They’ve now made ‘Battlelands’ EP – 4 songs of honesty, reality and disappointment, yet filled with a quiet hope. 

Musically and sonically, I love this collection of songs. I know not everyone will get them or like them, but I’m super grateful to release them. Trevor Michael’s production and the drums played by Paul Evans sound immense.”

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Source: 7 Core Music