New song/video celebrate God's "Blessings" raining down on Eddy Puyol

New song/video celebrate God’s “Blessings” raining down on Eddy Puyol

Like any good artist, Eddy Puyol has used song writing to document his life and process the emotions associated with each era.

Throughout his catalog you’ll hear help and hurt alongside praise and pain, but now, on his latest release, Puyol takes a mature and celebratory tone to thank the Creator for his “Blessings.”

“I’ve survived enough seasons to know that life can be really hard at times, but I’m also a living witness that my God can help you bounce back,” Puyol said. “That is the type of message I want to hear in the music I listen to and hope others feel the same.”

Puyol begins this track by singing “I can’t deny it…” and then sharing the passion behind his prose.

All of the blessings coming right now,
From the top down on me,
I see what was meant to hurt and harm me,
God turned and flipped for my good

Later, he even thanks the Lord for good work that keeps “my hands and my plate full” and can prayerfully build generational wealth for “my kids’ kids and kids’ kids.”

The single’s cover art also celebrates past blessings like the time he was the only rapper on The Story Tour or when he opened doors for other emcees on CCM-driven traveling showcases by writing the theme song for Winter Jam.

“Blessings” is the latest single from Eddy Puyol’s next album slated for a 2024 release. Look for the song and music video (another visual created by director Will Thomas) to drop online January 12, 2024.

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