Terrian Proclaims Honestly, We Just Need Jesus on New Single/Video

Terrian Proclaims Honestly, We Just Need Jesus from the Rooftops on New Single/Video

Gotee Records’ powerhouse vocalist Terrian has released her new song “Honestly, We Just Need Jesus,” off her forthcoming album, Give It Time, out January 26th 2024. The new music video can be seen below.

“I’ve sat with this song for two years, and sometimes songs can end up on the chopping block after so much time of working on it and sitting with it. Yet, this song never seemed to lose its ability to soberly engage with the culture and climate of our day,” shares Terrian. “We scheduled to fly up to New York in October to film on a rooftop. Unbeknownst to us, while singing and filming, a few miles away there would be protests at the exact moment we were singing, ‘Honestly, We Just Need Jesus’ out over the city as helicopters were stationed in the air to cover the protests.”

She continues, “There’s something about being a couple of hundred feet up in the air on a flat roof. Your knees wobble, you feel a bit vulnerable, and you feel closer to the skies than ever, and you realize you’re so small in all of the madness. All I could do was realize the human need for a loving Savior who reconciles creation back to its creator, who heals through forgiveness, who softens hearts to desire His reign, and who ushers in eternal life. Jesus has done all of that and more, so He is who we need.”

Give It Time, Terrian’s debut full-length album is a vibrant, compelling mix of pop and R&B with hints of her Gospel upbringing. Earnest, thoughtful lyrics paired with high-energy tracks and moving ballads. With songs like the Top 25 single “Big God,” “Honestly, We Just Need Jesus” and the title track, Terrian’s stunning vocals and bright, infectious outlook perfectly frame her unwavering belief that His timing is the right timing. Guest appearances on the album include Gotee founder and artist TobyMac, Aaron Cole and Joshua Aaron with producing credits from Joel Setien, Jordan Mohilowski and Toby McKeehan. 

Terrian will head out on tour with TobyMac and the Diverse City band this month for the 2024 “TobyMac Hits Deep Tour” with Cory Asbury, Mac Powell, Tasha Layton and Gotee Records label-mate Jon Reddick. 

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