Mats Dernánd to Release Emotionally Charged Single ‘You Are Not Alone’ Ahead Of New Album ‘Lake Home’

Mats Dernánd Releases Emotionally Charged Single ‘You Are Not Alone’ Ahead Of New Album ‘Lake Home’

Musician, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Mats Dernánd has released his new single ‘You Are Not Alone’ ahead of his new album, out in February 2024. A masterful tapestry of eclectic genres and heartfelt compositions, Dernánd’s latest body of work promises a kaleidoscope of sounds ranging from instrumental cinematic tones, to pop, progressive rock, and folk.

‘You Are Not Alone’ is an assured single- with robust acoustic guitar strums and atmospheric harmonies, Dernánd draws you in with his every word, reassuring the listener and offering solace and peace.

Delving into his artistic process, Dernánd shares: “Several people close to me have gone through difficult times lately. ‘You Are Not Alone’ is a song about God’s loving care.” He emphasises, ” The question “Why God?” is seldom answered on earth. But if we ask, “Where are you God?” God will answer “I am here”.

Mats Dernánd is an artist who effortlessly blurs the boundaries between genres. With an eclectic array of talents ranging from songwriter and producer to pianist, singer, harmonica player, and trumpeter, Dernánd’s musical prowess traverses diverse realms, and he is yet to make up his mind. Releases, such as “She’s Called Grace” and “Judas,” claimed their place among the elite, earning accolades and prestigious awards, including a remarkable 2nd place in the pop category and an Honorable Mention Award, and first place in the Gospel/Inspirational category in the USA Songwriting Competition respectively.

2022 witnessed collaborations that reverberated across borders, including the release of “We’ll be together,” a collaborative effort with indie folk sensation Luna Keller from Germany which received an honourable mention in the International Songwriting Competition. Simultaneously, “Everybody tells a Story” featuring Emma Nilsdotter, known for her role in the world-renowned a-cappella group, Real Group, showcased Dernánd’s versatility and collaborative spirit.

Dernánd’s musicality continued to flourish in 2023 with the release of “Liar,” a mesmerising collaboration with the Czech duo &Tilly. His musical prowess wasn’t confined to studio walls, as he graced various international music festivals, leaving an indelible mark at the Mississippi Songwriters Festival among others.

The new release of ‘You Are Not Alone’ and his upcoming album signifies yet another chapter in Mats Dernánd’s musical expedition, promising a narrative woven with authenticity. The deeply personal connection to his music, intertwined with tales of love, reconciliation, and the quest for hope, is sure to resonate with listeners all over.

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