Nine Lashes are Ready to See in Triumphant Return

Rock News Roundup 178

Hey rockers and welcome back to this week’s rock news roundup! Thank you for your patience as I took a break during the holidays. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years! Check below to see what your favorite rock artists are up to this week. 

The Grizzly Awards‘ founders shared a post where they announced the awards ceremony is taking a break. You can check out their post on that here. I absolutely understand and support the decision they have made. It takes so much more effort to do what they do than people realize. I want to take this time to shower Cindy, Mary, Joel, and Trevor with all the love and the thankfulness that I feel towards them for putting their heart and soul into the rock music scene. I am thankful to call the community, including each one of them, my family. And we will for sure be seeing a ton more from the founders with their various projects they are part of. Make sure you keep up with them as they continue to bless the music scene, and as always, we will share any new updates. We will miss The Grizzly Awards for as long as we are parted. But we will never forget what it has (and will continue in our hearts) stood for. Pouring into the lives that have poured into us.

The Grizzly Awards: A Note From The Founders

Veridia has also decided to take a break. Check out their post on that here and give them your warm wishes! I hope they get the rest they need and that they somehow find their way back to us. Until then, they have one last song coming out soon called “When The Moon Dies”. Check it out when it drops.

Rock News Roundup 89 VERIDIA Announce Pain Reliever EP

They are back! 3 Days Under released their newest single “Shedding Skin”. Let me tell you, when Patrick’s opening vocals started, I was like yep, this is why I love 3DU. He is such an underrated singer. It also has a super sick instrumental solo as well. (and one of the weirdest intros I might add haha) Welcome back 3DU, we missed you! Thanks for giving us new music to rock out to. You can check out the song on streaming platforms via here or listen below.

Mourning Eve is a brand-new band started by CJ English (formerly of GFM). Check out my article on the band here. Make sure to give them a like on their socials to keep up with them and to give them a warm welcome! I’m excited for what the future brings <3

Nine Lashes dropped their new single “Ready to See”. The opening line “I didn’t want to be standing underneath watching as the tower crumbled” sets the stage for one epic lyrically written song. For me personally I feel like this song could possibly be about a dream you chased that is now toxic to you (or you yourself become toxic). Sometimes you let the dream or the setting/people you are around change you. In the song you are now ready to let that toxicity go, let that dream go, and see the plan God has for you instead. Anyone else get a takeaway close to mine? If you have something different in mind, please let us know in the comments! Also, that breakdown with the “Stone After Stone” bit was brilliant! Great job on the single guys!

Aaron Michaels released his new single “Your Chains Are Breakable” (featuring Lester Estelle; drummer for Pillar and Kelly Clarkson). With opening lines “Fear wrapped you up so tight you couldn’t breathe. Easier said than done with anxiety” you know it’s going to be a great song. Any song that mentions mental health issues holds a dear place in my heart. Thanks Aaron for the reminder that our “chains are breakable”. Listen to the song on your favorite streaming platform or check it out below!

Spoken is releasing “Anymore” featuring Brian Head Welch on January 19th. Check out the teaser here!

Spoken Unveil Reflection Tracklist, Preorders & Music Video

Joseph Rojas of Seventh Day Slumber has released his first book. The book is titled Unveiled Skies, and you can check out the post about the book here! This book is available wherever books are sold. If you would like a signed physical copy, you can buy one on their website via here. I have not read it as of yet, but I’m sure (with what I know of his story he talks about from stage) it has unique insight into struggles in life. Be sure to check it out!

Throwback song of the week Untraveled Road by TFK. Check it out below!

That ends this week’s rock news roundup. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and may God bless and keep you all!

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